The former Changing Rooms presenter says he’s left uninspired by generic-looking show homes, but can be swayed by those taking a novel approach.

The former Changing Rooms star might not often have been impressed with the front rooms he was asked to transform on the hit TV show - but many of those on the end of his creativity weren’t overjoyed either!

So what kind of interior design makeover would be a thumbs up for the star, who, by the way, also also won £500,000 for charity with his wife Jackie, on Celebrity Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? In 2006.

“I’m always bowled away by interiors that are obviously something that somebody has done entirely for themselves,” he explains.

“I think when you go from one space to another and it just feels like everybody's catch-all show home there’s something very innately disappointing about that.

“The ones that really do stick in your memory are definitely the ones that have the red lacquer ceiling or the fish pond as a floor in the bathroom. Or the James Bond gadgetry in the downstairs loo.”

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