At the start of this year, we gave our users the opportunity to win £5,000 for simply selling or letting their home with an agent on Zoopla. Here's what the winners spent it on.

Selling or letting a property can be stressful and expensive. So, at the beginning of this year, we sweetened the process by giving anyone selling or letting their home via a Zoopla agent, the chance to win a tax-free £5,000.

So far this year, we’ve pulled 11 lucky winners out of the hat. Here’s how the £5,000 cash has helped some of the winners so far:

David Twist (pictured below, right) who listed his home in Longlevens, Gloucester for sale via The Property Centre, said: “The money has been so helpful. We’d spent every penny we had to get the house we wanted and then, out of the blue, our son who lives in Canada called to tell us he was getting married. The £5,000 means that we can afford to get to Canada next year for the wedding.”Zoopla prize winner David Twist

Rhodri Morgan (pictured below, right) who registered his home for rent with Foxtons in Tooting, south London, said: “I saw the competition in the Zoopla newsletter and, after years of entering things like this, it finally paid off. The £5,000 has already funded a trip to Iceland and the rest will be split between home improvements and offsetting my investment share losses.” Zoopla prize winner Rhodri Morgan

Janet Crank (pictured second from left) found out about the competition via her estate agent Borron Shaw – an independent based in Wigan, Greater Manchester. “When they told me we’d had won £5,000 I couldn’t believe it. Good fortune like that doesn't happen to us. But once we knew it was real, we felt truly elated and went straight to the travel agents to book a luxury holiday.”Zoopla prize winner Janet Crank 

David Harold (pictured below, left) who listed his home in Moston, Manchester for sale via Zoopla agent, iMoove, has other uses for his £5,000 windfall. He said: “I plan to replace my ageing computer but the bulk of the money I will spend on a personalised vehicle registration plate. It’s something that will be mine forever and always remind me of my win.”Zoopla prize winner David Harold

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