The former Changing Rooms interior designer is known for his outlandish taste - and explains how he unscrews the lid on that inspiration.

TV star Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen is famous for his individual flair and believes that putting your own stamp on it is key when it comes to interior design.

“The big thing, about making your home work, is making it work for you,” he says. “The really important thing to understand is that it’s about the only part of your life that you have total design control over without anyone judging it - unless you invite them in.

“The clothes you wear, car you drive, holidays, even the stuff you buy in the supermarket, everyone’s always looking in your trolley.

“But how you decorate your home is an opportunity to let your personality go crazy. So be individualistic. Be passionate. Be expressive.

“And to help all of that I always think that one of the missing ingredients in decorating, the essential tool for getting decorating right, is… gin - which, I don’t think people use enough of in their decision making.

“A couple of glasses of gin and it’s amazing how you can get some really quite extraordinary combinations of curtains, carpets and sofas.

“I think that it will surprise no-one to hear that most of my decorating decisions are literally motivated by, powered by, inspired by, gin.”

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