New research has put the average distance of a UK house move at 26 miles (the same as a marathon). We ask home movers how they'd make it easier next time around.

The typical Brit travels 26 miles when they move home – virtually the same distance as a marathon. This is according to research by Royal Mail which analysed more than a million UK postal redirection applications during the 12 months to September 2016.

The Scots emerged as the most ambitious home movers, relocating 55 miles to a new address, while movers in the north west stayed closest to home, travelling an average 19 miles to a new property.

The research unearthed some surprising relocations, too. The shortest move (within London) was just 0.03 miles – a distance that legendary Olympian Usain Bolt could sprint in 4.2 seconds – while the longest was a whopping 728 miles from the remote Shetland Isles in Scotland.

Moving home can feel like you've run your own marathon. So, we took to the banks of the River Thames just outside Zoopla HQ and asked passers by for the one thing they'd do differently in their next house move?

Find out what they said by clicking on the video below:

What's the one thing YOU would do differently in your next house move? Tell us by posting a comment below...

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