September is typically one of the busiest times of the year for the property market as anxious sellers and buyers try and move home ahead of Christmas.

Phil Spencer

One of the key starting points for vendors in this process is understanding what your home might be worth. This helps clarify where and what a seller might be able to buy next. Choosing a local agent is key to this process.

It’s a common misconception that you should simply choose the agent that comes up with the highest price for the property. Although it’s flattering to be told your home is worth more than you imagined, there’s a lot more to selling a place than slapping a high price tag on it. It can be puzzling, especially for a first-time seller, working out what the value of a property might be, as you probably discovered when you were buying your home.

Before you troop into the offices of any of your local estate agents, I would advise looking on Zoopla first to get an idea of:

  • What your home could be worth – run an estimate via the Zoopla current values channel
  • Who is selling homes in your area
  • What level of property (low, mid or high end) they are selling
  • What price are they selling at
  • Also, check out how many properties similar to yours are for sale, and for roughly how much.

Armed with these facts, take another look on Zoopla in their ‘Find agents’ section and then go and speak with local agents that you think deal with your type of home within the price bracket for your property.

There’s no point talking to a very high-end estate agent about your humble studio flat, for instance. I would recommend you talk to at least three agents. Get those you get on with and that you think could do the job of selling your home round to see the property.

Ask the agents to value it and tell you how they intend to market your home to get the best possible price. In other words, make sure they will at the very least, list your home on Zoopla!

Good luck.

Some information contained herein may have changed since it was first published. Zoopla strongly advises you to seek current legal and/or financial advice from a qualified professional.

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