The former Changing Rooms presenter - renowned for his flamboyant style - reveals the one piece of advice that he always sticks to.

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen isn’t everybody's cup of flowery Earl Grey, but when it comes to decorating he certainly knows his own mind.

So when we asked him what the best piece of advice he’s ever received has been, we wondered if he’d simply dismiss the question.

Then he came up with these words of wisdom:

“I think the best piece of decorating advice I was ever given, was the idea of just ‘do what thou wilt’,” he says.

“We’re a nation that has always been led to believe that posh people have got good taste and everybody else hasn’t.

“But actually tastes should always be an entirely subjective experience.

“There’s no such thing as good taste or bad taste. It’s your taste or my taste. Although, obviously my taste is much better than your taste, but that’s why I’m here amongst you. To help.

“But what you’ve got to do is to stop confusing taste with money, with class, with outside influences, with value. Actually taste has to be about your personality.”

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