Take a look at our top 10 websites and forums for discussion and advice about property.

1. Thisismoney Message Boards: “Sanity returns – but at what cost?” wonders greybaby. I’ve often asked myself the same question, baby. Lively discussion of homes, mortgages and house prices from the best personal finance website in the business.

2. Zoopla AskMe: Not just shameless self promotion (OK, maybe a little). Ask questions and get answers from some of the most active agents and property experts online.

3. 4homes: Need to share your passion for Kirstie, your devotion to Phil? This is the place to do it. Lots of practical discussion, too, about buying, selling, DIY, design. And, quite recently: MOLES!

4. Period Property Discussion Forum: You are not alone: yes, there are other people who need to talk about linseed paint, sash windows, ledged doors and George Monbiot’s scurrilous attack on the AGA.

5. LandlordZone: Active forum that gets down to the nitty gritty: deposits, evictions, sub-letting, inventories … and whether a dehumidifier is tax deductible. Well? Is it?

6. FT Discussions: High octane discussion of editorially posted questions. The place to be if, like Ides_of_March, you can say this sort of stuff: “I think the rental situation is too far removed from the fundamentals of the K cycle to gain much of an insight.” Me too, Ides, me too.

7. Swarb Law Forum: Informative legal forum addressing landlord/tenant issues. “What about the duty to mitigate you keep banging on about?” Hairyloon asks Faithless … yeah, Faithless, what about that then?

8. Moneysavingexpert Forum: Very active forum with lots of chat about property. Searched in vain for “the drinks are on me” thread.

9. HomeQ: Property questions and answers (Q&A) in a lively community. Free to register and a simple and intuitive site experience.

10. DIYnot Forum: Ok, look, there’s a bank holiday weekend looming. Get advice first and take warning from their disasters thread: “Gas Pipe ARGGGHHHH!”. I_am_fubar reveals that “looking into how to plumb has caused me to have some rather odd nightmares about waking up and my walls have all washed away.” Don’t say you weren’t warned!

Have we missed any? If so, send us your recommendations.

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