Zoopla's keyword search tool makes it super-easy to drill down to your exact property requirements. But what are the most popular searches? We take a look.

One of the most fascinating insights at Zoopla is provided by searched-for keyword terms. These reveal the specific features house-hunters are looking for when scouring the listings. Here are the top 10 searches:

1. "Detached"

Everybody needs good neighbours...” Or so went the theme tune to one of Australia’s most-loved TV soaps. The reality is though, you still prefer to keep your neighbours at arm’s length, as ‘detached’ was crowned the number one keyword search.

Above: four-bedroom house for sale in Somerleyton, Suffolk

2. "Garage"

Are you a petrol-head and want your to take good care of your most prized possession? Or just after a bit of extra out-of-the-house storage? Either way, you’re fond of a ‘garage’, which came in as the second most searched for term.

Above: four-bedroom house for sale in Wicken, Cambridgeshire

3. "Bungalow"

Don’t be deceived by the ‘bungalow's’ humble reputation. The quintessentially British home has legions of fans and proves a popular choice for the UK's growing number of downsizers. 

Above: four-bedroom bungalow for sale in Westerleigh near Bristol

4. "Parking"

When drawing up a wish-list for your perfect home, ‘parking’ might not be the most exciting feature (say compared to a swimming pool or cinema room!) but it is clearly important, ringing in as the fourth most searched-for term. 

Above: four-bedroom house for sale in Loughton, Essex

5. "Annex"

Handy for housing children, grandparents and lodgers, the 'annex' is a versatile addition to the main home. No wonder it is the fifth most popular search term. 

Above: four-bedroom house for sale in Stretton Grandison, Herefordshire

6. "Garden"

From landscaped and manicured, to rambling and natural, it was the 'garden' that won your hearts and minds this year, being crowned the sixth keyword search.

Above: three-bedroom house for sale in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire 

7. "Freehold"

Put off by the potential perils of leasehold, there's clearly a desire to own property and the ground it sits on outright, with 'freehold' coming in seventh place in the ranking.

Above: five-bedroom house for sale in Lingfield, Surrey

8. "Cottage"

Iconic thatched roof, cute windows, exposed wooden beams and climbing plants? The appeal of a cosy chocolate-box ‘cottage’ shows no sign of waning.  

Above: four-bedroom cottage for sale in Little Hadham, Hertfordshire

9. "Acres"

Size matters. You’re looking for ‘acres’ – with an emphasis on the plural. Are you harbouring ambitions as an investor, developer or landlord? 

Above: nine-bedroom house for sale in Landford, Wiltshire

10. "Rural"

Who can resist fresh air, lush green fields, roaring fires and farmers markets? Not many of you, as 'rural' completes our top 10.

Above: four-bedroom house for sale in Wreningham, Norfolk

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