We love it when the homes of A-list celebrities hit the market – and right now there’s 3 spectacular examples on Zoopla.

Living in an LA mansion might be a dream for most of us. But at least we can get a glimpse of how the other half lives. Take a tour around the homes of Gwen Stefani, Jane Fonda and Travis Barker – all up for sale in the sunny hills of Los Angeles.

Who? Gwen Stefani

Bedrooms? Seven

How much? £28,681,472 ($35,000,000)

Where? Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California

It's a ‘Sweet Escape’ – but Grammy and Brit Award winning popstar Gwen Stefani is selling her seven-bedroom mega mansion in the star-studded enclave of Beverly Hills. And with Jennifer Lopez as its previous owner, the pad comes with a double helping of popstar pedigree.

Stefani rose to fame as the frontwoman for new wave/ska band No Doubt, and this ‘edgy side’ reveals itself in her home’s daring interior design – bold patterns and striking art is on display throughout.

The home’s spa, tennis court, gym, children’s play area, cinema and guest house are all standard A-list celebrity fare. But the stunning views of the San Fernando Valley are a real bonus.

It’s no surprise that Stefani is selling the property, as she divorced her husband Gavin Rossdale, Bush frontman and judge on the UK’s series of The Voice, back in April 2016.

Back in 2006, the pair paid $13.25m for the home. It’s now on the market for more than double the price at $35m, which could make it that little bit easier to move on.

Who? Jane Fonda

Bedrooms? Four

How much? £10,649,021 ($12,995,000)

Where? Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California

This sleek four-bedroom home was built in 1961, when current owner, Hollywood icon Jane Fonda was just starting out as an actress.

But both the home and Fonda have come a long way over the years with the former becoming an elegant eco-friendly retreat and the latter winning two Best Actress Oscars and adding ‘writer’ and ‘activist’ to her list of credentials.

With photovoltaic electric panels, a solar-heated pool, thermal glass UV windows and bamboo floors, the home sets itself apart from the average Beverly Hills mansion.

There’s still the more typical Hollywood perks though, including a media room, gym, meditation garden and deck with a fire pit from which you can watch the sun set over the ocean.

Fonda bought the house in 2012 with her then-partner record producer Richard Perry for $7.3m.

She said: “Richard and I must have looked at more than 30 houses and the day we pulled in through the gate, I took one look and I just knew this was a place where we could live very happily.”

Fonda has recently split from Perry – presumably prompting her to put up the For Sale sign.

Who? Travis Barker

Bedrooms? Four

How much? £3,892,485 ($4,750,000)

Where? Cheviot Hills, Los Angeles, California

Hailed by Rolling Stone magazine as, “punk’s first superstar drummer,” it comes as something of a surprise that this contemporary four-bedroom house belongs to Blink-182’s Travis Barker.

Barker soared to success with the punk-rock band in the late 1990s, and went onto score number one albums in the US and the UK along with a plethora of platinum selling records.

But his minimalist home is a far cry from rock and roll, being described by the selling agent as an, ‘innovative architectural showpiece’.

The living room is a serene space with 13-foot ceilings and 10-foot windows which overlook the landscaped gardens and swimming pool. The kitchen – with its enormous island half inside, half outside – is ideally designed for California living.

Barker only bought the house in 2014 (for a cool $4m) but with a huge world tour set to kick off in the spring, perhaps it makes sense to sell up rather than leave it vacant.

Which celebrity home would you buy if you had the budget? Let us know by posting a comment below...

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