Which postcodes and streets in Britain have topped this year's property rich list?

The Zoopla.co.uk Property Rich List 2010 lifts the lid on the most exclusive places in the country to live. The past 12 months has seen house prices in the leading areas of the country rebound at a far faster rate than the average, contributing to a widening of the North-South divide.

Here are some of the key findings:

• W8 named UK’s most expensive postcode – average house prices of £1.5m up 9.4% (£134,000) in last 12 mnths

• Most Expensive Street – Kensington Palace Gardens, home to country’s richest Billionaires.

• 1,414 streets in London with average property prices over £1 million

• London unsurprisingly most expensive area, NE Lincolnshire least expensive

Once again, topping the list of the Most Expensive Streets in the country is Kensington Palace Gardens, where the average property will set you back a cool £18 million. Also known as Billionaires Row, this exclusive gated street is home to royals from Saudi and Brunei and billionaires from Russia and India, including Britain’s richest man, steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal.

As expected, London dominates the rankings as property prices in the capital have rebounded sharply over the past year and are now well up from the 2008 lows. Virginia Water in Surrey, where the average property is now worth £920,000, is the only area outside London to make the Top 10 Most Expensive Postcodes.

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In addition to W8 (Kensington), only four other areas in the country can lay claim to being Million Pound Postcodes – SW7 (Knightsbridge) and SW3 (Chelsea) where average house prices are just under £1.3 million, W11 (Notting Hill) where buying the average property will leave you with a few quid change from £1.2 million and SW10 (West Brompton) where the average pad will cost you just over £1million.

The number of Golden Streets in London now stands at 1,414. Outside the capital, the places with the highest number of Golden Streets are Guildford (47), Richmond (44) and Leatherhead (40).

Outside London, topping the list of Most Expensive Areas to live are Windsor & Maidenhead where average property prices are now £393,000 followed by South Gloucestershire (£367,000) and Surrey (£348,000). At the other end of the scale, North East Lincolnshire and Hartlepool lead the list of Britain’s Least Expensive Areas with average house prices of under £120,000.

Top Ten Most Expensive Postcodes

RankPostcodeAvg. ValueMay 201012 Month Change (£)12 Month Change (%)
1 W8 (Kensington) £1,553,770 £133,601 9.41%
2 SW3 (Chelsea) £1,292,193 £132,578 11.43%
3 SW7 (Knightsbridge) £1,285,834 £123,301 10.61%
4 W11 (Notting Hill) £1,093,591 £95,851 9.61%
5 SW10 (West Brompton) £1,019,443 £83,323 8.90%
6 GU25 (Virginia Water) £920,138 £74,457 8.80%
7 SW13 (Barnes) £893,884 £77,884 9.55%
8 NW3 (Hampstead) £881,392 £67,235 8.26%
9 NW8 (St John’s Wood) £831,362 £55,072 7.09%
10 SW5 (Earl’s Court) £782,518 £76,497 10.84%

*Source: Zoopla.co.uk

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