Property in Champagne-Ardenne, France, is generally inexpensive. However, it has been enjoying a surge in interest recently.

The climate in Champagne-Ardenne is similar to the south of England and agriculture predominates, attracting property buyers who love nature and the open air.

With plenty of rural Champagne-Ardenne property for sale available for renovation, the region is an excellent spot to find countryside living at very reasonable prices. Fishing, hiking and cycling are very popular in this lush and sparsely populated region.

With golf properties always popular with British property buyers, it is interesting to note that there are 10 courses in Champagne-Ardenne.

Reims is a thriving city at the heart of champagne country with a wealth of history and a substantial student population - the ancient buildings and monuments sit side by side with modern, vibrant bars and restaurants. South of Reims is Epernay, another town built on champagne. Most of the best-known producers have headquarters in one or other of these towns.

Troyes is located in the south and is known for its ancient and picturesque network of alleyways and half-timbered properties dating back nearly 500 years. It has excellent connections to Calais, Lyon and Paris.

In the southeastern corner of the region is Bourbonne-les-Bains, a renowned spa town since the Romans were there, still attracting visitors from all over this part of France to its therapeutic waters.

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