Costa de la Luz property prices are lower, with greater room for development, attracting people looking for a more authentic experience.

The Costa de la Luz is Spain's largest coast, and properties there still offer good value for money, having escaped the mass tourism that affects other areas of the country.

Spanning 90 kilometres of coastline from Tarifa to Cadiz on the Portuguese border, whether you desire a cultural setting, a slice of regional history, a Costa de la Luz property on the beach or beside a golf course, the opportunities are immense.

From an investment point of view, this is the perfect time for purchasing Costa de la Luz property in Jerez. The average price per square metre of property in Jerez is currently 46 per cent less than the Spanish average.

For property buyers seeking a more spacious holiday home or permanent residence, the re-sale villas in and around Chiclana offer an idyllic hideaway.

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