One of the most important decisions to make when it comes to selling your home is not just which estate agent to use...

It is also about making sure you are happy with where and how they will market your property.
Selling can be stressful. There’s a huge amount to think about such as which agents you should list with, what the right asking price is, what offer you would accept and where you would move to.
But ensuring that as many prospective buyers will see your home as possible is arguably the single most important decision when choosing an agent. After all, only with the widest market exposure are you likely to achieve the best price.
It’s essential to choose the right company to help and I always think it’s worth inviting three local agents to come round and value your home. You can find likely candidates by using Zoopla and it is straightforward to send an email through their websites to request that an agent gets in touch.
It’s always worth popping into their offices for a chat to try and get a better idea if they really would be the right people for the job. 
This can help determine whether you progress the conversation to fixing a date for the valuation. But before you talk fees or the price at which you might sell your home, you need to ask and address the vital question of “where and how will you market my home?"
Or in simpler terms – how much exposure will your fees buy you? 
Not only does the old adage of paying peanuts and getting monkeys ring true, but you also need to feel confident that the fee is a fair one and has helped towards generating the maximum exposure, and therefore the best possible price. 
With nine out of 10 property searches starting online, my advice is to make sure your agent is going to market it on all the big property portals such as Zoopla and PrimeLocation.
Collectively these sites generate millions of enquiries for estate agents and they are the go-to place for anyone looking to buy.
Try to avoid agents who limit, or delay, the marketing of your property and only consider the ones who will position it on all the major portals. 
Good luck selling.
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