The choice between an older home new-build home often comes down to personal preference. But each one has its benefits, as Phil Spencer sets out here.

There's no straightforward answer to this question as much of the decision depends on personal preference. Some people are diehard fans of brand spanking new homes where you can march in, not worry about doing a thing and get on with your life. Others wouldn’t want to be caught dead in a new home, preferring period property with personality.

Some regard a period home as a black hole for cash given the maintenance costs to simply to keep it up-to-date or even just upright. Others see new homes as bland cookie-cutter boxes modelled on a computer plan provided by a developer.

Personally I believe both have their benefits. So, here are 5 points on each to help you make that all-important decision.

An older re-sale home

1. If you don’t like it you can knock down a few walls, paint and install your own your vision and potentially add value.

2. Likely to be found in areas that have ready made, long-established communities.

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3. All the services: broadband, telephone, electric etc will all be easy to re-establish from the previous owner.

4. No endless snagging list.

5. Tend to come with more mature gardens. New builds are often recently-laid turf.

A new-build home

1. New homebuilders generally offer a range of benefits that the second-hand market cannot hope to match.

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2. New homes are vastly more energy-efficient and therefore much cheaper to run than second-hand homes.

3. New home prices are now more in line with the second-hand market, so there is not so much of a ‘brand new’ premium any more.

4. New homes are packed with lots more extra features than most older properties.

5. NHBC 10-year warranty provides peace of mind with a new build home.

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