How much would you pay for this huge Grand Designs house in Brighton?

Fans of Channel 4 TV show Grand Designs will recognise this super-shiny new modernist home in Brighton, which featured on our screens in April last year. But I’m surprised it’s on the market - for £3.5 million - quite so soon as I had thought the creators, local couple Barry and Julie Surtees, were going to live there rather than sell it off.

The sale is also a surprise given the levels of pain the couple went through in front of the Channel 4 cameras (and Kevin McCloud’s withering wit) to get the project finished.

But is it a liveable space? I have to admit that many of these ultra-clever, uber-contemporary properties leave me a bit cold - they just don’t seem particularly homely - but there are some pleasingly quirky elements that do tickle my Bauhaus-style fancy.

Take the fourth-floor living area called ‘the pod’, for example, with its brightly coloured, super-sized sofas and that motorbike on the wall; although I’m not sure if Kevin McCloud would have approved of such ‘mass market’ frivolity.

But it’s the wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling windows that I really love - and I’m astonished that Surtees can bear to leave those incredible views behind.

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