England & Tottenham Hotspur player, Jermaine Defoe, has listed his £3.75m property for sale.

According to our sold price section on Zoopla, it appears the England forward paid £1,250,000 for the property on 22nd July 2005. So, if he sold for his asking price he’d be making a whopping 200 per cent gain in just under 6 years.

We’re a little bit curious at Zoopla and couldn’t leave it there. It also seems that he has been trying to sell the property since July last year. A quick virtual curtain twitch in the Zoopla Property Archive and we’ve found a previous for sale listing for his property on the The Ridgeway, Cuffley, Potters Bar when it was listed for a sale price of £3,950,000.

Here are the current property for sale details on Zoopla.co.uk and the historic property for sale details in the Zoopla Property Archive.

Oh…and a few pictures to help you have a good snoop around:

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