The former medieval prison in Essex was once home to the notorious witch, Ursula Kemp.

What's the latest?

It might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But a ‘For sale’ sign has been hoisted on a former medieval prison by a mum who says she got smacked on the bottom there by a ghost.

Owner Vanessa Mitchell, 43, told Zoopla the incident happened while she was getting ready for work alone at the haunted property in St Osyth, Essex.

She explained: "I was bending over the sink brushing my teeth and something gave me a smack. It wasn't a tap - I got hit so hard. A smash! I screamed and the toothpaste went everywhere."

She also claimed to have seen numerous ghosts, been mysteriously pushed over while eight months’ pregnant with her son Jesse, now 8, and found blood splattered across the floor in broad daylight.

And just last week, the ghostly vision of a satanic goat was spotted roaming around on a CCTV camera. The goat is considered by some to represent the Devil.

The cottage, dubbed The Cage.Fireplace.

Why is it happening?

Tragedy, suicide and death have reportedly plagued owners and residents of the cottage, dubbed The Cage, over the past 400 years.

It was once home to the notorious witch, Ursula Kemp, who was hanged in 1582 for witchcraft.

Mitchell bought the cottage in 2004 for £148,000, unaware of its reputation as one of England’s most haunted homes. And the paranormal activity started almost immediately, with taps running, doors slamming, and the sound of women whispering and footsteps upstairs.

She lived at The Cage for three years - until the ghost of a man appeared standing close to her son’s cot. It was the final straw and she moved out.

Mitchell said: "In the end, I was living in the upstairs bedroom. I was confined there for the last six months with my baby son."

Inside the haunted houseA fireplace inside The Cage

Sounds interesting. What's the background?

The two-bedroom cottage comprises two reception rooms, kitchen, entrance lobby and cloakroom.

The kitchen window looks out onto Coffin Alley, which was used many years ago to bring dead bodies from the church to the cemetery.  

Since she moved out, Mitchell has hired The Cage out for paranormal investigations from 6pm until 2am. And there are also tours for visitors in the relative safety of daylight.

Selling agent Lawrence Antony Homes said it was “a unique opportunity to purchase this well-known cottage as a place of residence or business investment”.

The Cage has a £269,000 price tag for those that dare...

Mitchell said: "That house is so haunted. I don't know a human being that would put themselves through it unless they wanted it as a business."

The kitchen.History of The Cage.

Top takeaways

  • Former medieval prison, dubbed The Cage, is on sale in Essex for £290k.
  • Its owner claims to have been left traumatised by paranormal activity while living there. 
  • It was once home to England’s most notorious witch, Ursula Kemp.

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