Most people will not end up too far from where they started, eventually living in a house that is 63 miles away from their birthplace.

People will travel 32 miles during each move, according to research carried out by Bosch. 

It seems that people stay true to their local area, as just one in five people end up living 200 miles or more away from where their first house was located.

More than 2,000 British homeowners were polled for the report, which suggested that people will move twice before they turn 18, before living in another three different houses during their twenties.

The most common reason to move was to get away from parents, with a quarter moving to go to university, while 34 per cent moved in with their partner.

A spokesman for Bosch said that moving house is a huge life change and something that many people find daunting.

He added: "It's amazing to think that the average Brit is having to go through the process of packing up their belongings and moving them to another house eight times over a lifetime."

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