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Lot 9 (8.42 ac) of premium grazing land at Meiklebeath Farm,

West of Cowdenbeath, KY4 9PR


The land for sale is Lot 9 (8.42ac) of premium grazing land. The land sits just north of the Cuddyhouse Road and west of Cowdenbeath. The land is mostly classified as grade 3(1) land by the Macaulay Institute. It has been down to pasture for many years but is arable. It has attractive views to the south and north.

Date of entry

Ideally within 4 weeks.


The purchaser will pay 50% of the cost of fencing off the westerly boundaries with Lot 5 and 6 and easterly fencing with Lot 7. Either 3 inch square stobs with 7 wires. Fencing will be post and wire with rylock fencing with Lot 9. The purchaser of lot 7 will pay 100% cost of a new south fence with Lot 9 eastwards from E to E2 in lot 9 but only if she decides to build a road access E2 – E.

Access road

(a) Deed of Servitude H3 to H1 (blue on plan) 0.20 acres (0.08HA) and Deed of Servitude H2 to H1 (green on the plan)

The purchaser of Lot 3 is understood to be the same person as purchased Lot 4. Within the missives of sale for Lot 3 it is a requirement for the owner of Lots 3 + 4 to grant a full unrestricted deed of servitude over the existing access H3-H1. This unrestricted Deed of Servitude will be for any use, including residential or any business use into the future and for all time for Lots 5,6,7,8 & 9.

The same unrestricted servitude will be granted over deed of servitude H2 to H1 (green on the plan) owned by Lots 5,6 + 8 in favour of Lot 4+ 9 if Fife Council Roads Department requires the junction to be moved eastwards from H3 to H1 to H2 to H1 because it has better sightlines.

(b) Proposed Bellmouth and Road H2 –H1 - Unlikely to be needed if existing access H3-H1 is seen to be acceptable

There is a possibility that a new bellmouth will be built at H2 where the sightlines onto the Cuddyhouse Public Road are better than H3H1.

It is likely that the purchaser of Lot 7 will not need to use junction H2H1 or H3H1 in the first instance as she is only using Lot 7 for sheep and cattle and will have access off the public road at the west of the mast at point E1. It is likely that the owner of Lot 9 will need to utilise the servitude as it will be the only access with good sightlines available to him.

At present the access is a fairly poor bellmouth H3H1. The owner of Lots 5,6 & 8 have a right to move this eastwards to be closer to the boundary between the blue and green shaded areas so that half of the bellmouth is on Lot 4 land and half on Lot 5 land. Both or either of these lot owners may wish to upgrade the junction by installing an upgraded junction with the first 10 metres being more horizontal and tarmacadamed. Fife Council will almost certainly to allow two separate accesses which are lying close to each other as this will be deemed too dangerous.

(c) Proposed road and unrestricted right of access H3H1, H2-H1, H1 F2 F1 – E and a fence along the north of it

H2H1 is unlikely to be needed if H3H1 is acceptable to Fife Council and Lots 5,6,7,8 and 9. The three main users [Lot 4, Lots 5,6 & 8 and Lot 9]would pay 33% each to build road F1 & E. Thereafter maintenance of the road and fences either side of it will be on a user basis. If the owner of Lot 7 wishes to use the above road she or he must pay a quarter of the cost of the road into the future maintenance fund.

Lots 4,5,6,7,8 & 9 will have a full unrestricted right of access for agricultural, equestrian, mobile homes, residential, stables, sheds and businesses use over road.

The purchaser of Lots 5,6,8 owns the solum of the proposed road H2, H1, F2, F1, E in green.

The road is to be 3.5 metres wide with a metre grass verge either side of it. It is to be 6 inches deep and type 1 over terram with a top dressing of quarry scalping. Surplus topsoil is to be removed. The purchaser of Lot 9 has estimated the cost of the road at £3000 and the fencing at £5.50/m.

The owners of Lot 7 will have a right to acquire a 6 metre access strip and have a right of access over it (shown in purple E2 E1) to secure access from Plots 7 westward to point E but will have to install a road and fence it with the same specification as above and pay the owner of Lot 6 £4000/ac for the access area. Surplus material must be removed by the owner of Lot 7 so as to keep the ground level. Lot 9 will continue to own the roadway lands and must make extra land available if needed to grade the lands at the haha at E4 and E2.

For clarity, the owners of Lot 9 do not have a right of access along the road e-E1 to the telecom mast.

Visibility Splays East and West of points south of H3 H2 and E.

(a) Bellmouth E

It may be proposed that the bellmouth at E be widened the full width of the fenced off area and that the visibility splays are improved by moving the fences back to create visibility splays of 4m x 210m to the west of junction E over Lot 8 e.g. Move the fence back 4m to the west of junction E all the way to the proposed new junction [changes unlikely now if (b) below is taking place] H3 to H1 to H2 and that the vegetation is cut regularly at the joint expense of the future owners of Lots 4,5,6+8 as per usage. A similar requirement to share the cost of cutting vegetation east of E restricting Lot 9 sightline area 4 x 210 metre triangle is to be shared as per user. The visibility imposition is over Lot 9 and shared maintenance obligations to keep clear of vegetation on structures.

If fences need to be moved back a cost of £2000/acre will have to be paid to the owners of lots 5,6+8 if additional lands are sterilised. Appendix 2 shows proposed visibility splays for Lots 1 + 2 but similar splays could be provided at Bellmouth E.

(b) Bellmouth H2 and H3

If the purchasers of Lots 4, Lots 5,6, and Lot 8 and Lot 9 are required by Fife Council to improve their visibility splays (orange on the map) either side of the proposed junction to create 6.5m x 210m visibility triangle splays Lots 4 & 8 must erect new stock proof fences as per the above specification. If Lot 4 and Lot 8 share the cost of moving the fences back half of the sterilized land will be on Lot 8 land and half on Lot 4 land so the losses will be shared equally. If fences and walls need to be moved back into lots 4 & 8 respectively a cost of £2000/acre will have to be paid to the respective owners but they will be obliged to sell the land to improve splays. All road users will have a right to ensure the splays are kept free of vegetation or objects. They must pay a share of the maintenance costs. Appendix 2 shows proposed visibility splays for Lots 1 & 2 but similar splays will likely be required at bellmouth H2 & H3.

(c) Bellmouth Y [at the mast] and roadway E2E

If the owner of Lot 7 needs to improve their visibility splays west of Y then this will be permitted over lands owned by Lot 9 (5 x 130 metre sightline triangle at the south east of Lot 9 where all vegetation and structures can be cleared by the Lot 7 owner as per the E and H above) The Lot 7 owner will have to bear the cost of fencing and pay £4000/ac for land sterilization over Lot 9.

Lot 7 will own the access in at Y The fence and dyke may have to be moved to the north at E2 and E4 so as to improve visibility splays. The owner of Lot 9 would still own the improved visibility splay land west of E2 but the owner of Lot 7 would have a right to maintain it to keep vegetation so it does not affect visibility splays. The owner of Lot 7 would be obliged to keep the splay E2 to E1 free of objects which would affect the visibility splay. As Lot 7 has a right to build the road E2-e she or he may do so but have no fence south of the road so as to maintain visibility splays west of E2. The owner of Lot 7 must however install a stockproof fence with 3 inch x 3 inch stobs north of road E2-e at his/her cost if the road is built.

Water supply

A mains water supply is on Dalbeath Farm. The private pipe extends across Dalbeath Farm as per the disposition plan p-o-n-m-l-e on appendix 1B and enters Meiklebeath Farm at Point E. The land register No 5 attached confirms “the servitude right to use, maintain, repair and renew said water pipe” if there are any water troughs. The burden details on the annexed Land Register Title FFE45831.

Just South of point F1 on the plans in appendix 1B within the wooded area of Lot 8 there is a toby which allows it to be turned off.

At present there is an alkathene water pipe which extends along the south of the track e-F1-F2-H1 to Z where there is a water trough in the dyke between Lots 4 + 5.

If all eight lots are to use this supply it is suggested that a new 350mm pipe be installed e-F1-H2-j-U1. (J to U I may not be needed if the purchasers of Lot 4 purchase Lot 3 which appears to be likely).The cost of installing this would have to be agreed between those that wish to tap into it. An insurance policy could be taken out to guarantee a water supply.

The share of the cost of installing and maintaining this upgraded pipe will be shared as per length user eg. Lot 1 will pay a share from e-f-H1-j. If the purchasers of Lot 4 buy Lots 2 + 3 they won’t need a water supply J -W1-W2-u-i so won’t have to pay a share of it.

Each person with a trough will be obliged to install a meter and maintenance will be as per user.

Purchasers are to take out insurance to ensure the water supply is sufficient.

There are several other options in connection with the water supply. The pipe extending along the existing way leave p-o-n-m-l-e could be upgraded. Secondly in appendix 1B a new pipe could be installed allowing the reserved wayleave e-y-yz to the Recycling Centre base just east of Y2 or into Cowdenbeath. Thirdly, insurance could be taken out to upgrade the new supplies if there are future problems or to install a private borehole.

Electricity supply

The cost of connecting into the mains electricity supply has not been established yet but it is thought that the box west of point E or the transformer at the telecom mast two hundred yards further east (point Y in 6T7) which will provide a source of mains electricity.

Lots 1 to 9 will therefore pay a share of the electric connection and new buried electric line with a wayleave y-e-F1-F2-H1-j-U1 if they wish to tap into the main. The share of the cost of installing and maintaining will be as per length installed.

If the purchaser of lot 4 buys Lot 3 there will only be four or five sharing the connection costs. Maintenance again will be on a user basis, like the water supply.

Each installer would have to pay for an electricity meter at their cost.

Interested parties

There is a good market for smallish blocks of equestrian land in the area. These two lots fit into that category. Interested parties could offer for parts of lots as well. Just look at the land and arrange a meeting with Rod McCrae of McCrae & McCrae to discuss further. If it’s smaller than the lots shown the sellers legal costs may have to be paid by the purchaser.

Possible planning consent for stables/ kennels+ mobile home/ house

If a purchaser bought the whole 15.81 acres, prospective purchasers would stand a chance of securing planning consent for a house if they were to build 20 stables and an outdoor arena and have a caravan on the lands for two years, while running a viable equestrian or kennel business. Several planning consents have been given for this ‘housing in the countryside’ in the area. Recently the local council planners have not imposed a long term business occupancy condition requiring the business to continue after the house is built due to eec Law.


No single farm payment or entitlements are included in the sale.

The sellers will pay for gps measuring to peg out the boundaries. The offerors purchase subject to securing planning consent in principle.

Viewing and registering an interest

Viewing of the property is strictly by prior appointment only with the sole selling agents McCrae & McCrae, 12 Abbey Park Place, Dunfermline, Fife, KY12 7PD. Email: Tel. Or Rod McCrae on evenings and weekends).

Property misdescription

These particulars do not constitute any part of an offer or contract. All measures are given as a guide and no liability can be accepted for any errors arising therefrom. No responsibility is taken for any other error, omission or mis-statement in the particulars, during negotiations or otherwise, any representation or warranty whatever in relation to this property.


Offers must be submitted in Scottish legal terms to the Selling Agents, McCrae & McCrae Ltd at 12 Abbey Park Place, Dunfermline, Fife, KY12 7PD. A closing date for offers may be fixed and prospective purchasers are advised to register their interest with the Selling Agents.


Lot 9 at Meiklebeath Farm is situated between the M90 motorway and Cowdenbeath, sitting on the north side of Cuddyhouse Road.

From the M90 motorway at junction 3 (Halbeath) head into Dunfermline (A907). Take second left at the first roundabout and third left at the next roundabout. Proceed over the level crossing and up to Kingseat.

Turn right onto the B912 and after a couple of hundred yards, within Kingseat, turn first right along the unclassified Cuddyhouse Road and the land is on the left just after the wind turbine and the bridge over the motorway. Lot 8 is clad with trees opposite the Dalbeath Farm Road end. Lot 7 lies either side of the telecom tower just before west of Cowdenbeath.

Map & Nearby

Local Amenities

  • Cowdenbeath 1.3 miles
  • Dunfermline Queen Margaret 2.5 miles
  • Hill of Beath Primary School 0.6 miles
  • St Bride's R C Primary School 0.8 miles

Local map of the area

Map View Map showing location of property

Local Amenities

  • Cowdenbeath 1.3 miles
  • Dunfermline Queen Margaret 2.5 miles
  • Hill of Beath Primary School 0.6 miles
  • St Bride's R C Primary School 0.8 miles

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