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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our 'frequently asked questions'. If you are unable to find the answer to your query here or still need help, please Contact us.

Confused by property industry jargon? See our Property glossary and/or Industry abbreviations.

What is Zoopla and what services do you offer?

Zoopla is one of the leading property websites in the UK and has become an essential resource for buyers, sellers, owners and agents alike.

Is Zoopla an estate agency?

We are not an estate agency. We are a property portal providing details of homes listed for sale/to rent by estate agents or developers.

How does Zoopla make money?

The information and services we offer are completely FREE to the general public. We make our money by selling advertising, leads and other services to professionals/businesses.

Why is the location I entered not recognised by your search?

The most common cause of this is misspellings. Check that the place name or postcode you entered is spelled correctly. If you believe a location should be recognised and it is not, please contact us.

How do I obtain more details about properties listed for sale/to rent?

If you would like more information or to arrange a viewing for any property listed for sale or to rent on our website, simply select the 'Contact agent' link for the relevant property or call the telephone number displayed to contact the estate agent or developer who is marketing it.

Why am I yet to hear back from an agent I contacted via your website?

We're sorry that the agent or developer you have tried to contact has not responded promptly. We are constantly working with agents/developers to help ensure that all Zoopla emails are responded to as quickly as possible. In the meantime, we recommend you contact them directly by telephone..

My home is for sale via an agent but it is not listed on Zoopla. Why?

If your agent lists their properties on Zoopla then it should appear on our website as soon as your agent has uploaded it to our database. If your agent does not list their properties on Zoopla then you should request that they do so in order to maximise exposure for your property and enhance your chances of a successful sale.

Why is my property still on your website when it has been sold?

Your home may still appear on our website until the sale has been completed after which it should no longer appear on the site. If you have completed the sale and your property is still listed as 'for sale', please contact your agent to ensure that they update the status of your home on Zoopla. Alternatively you can click on the 'Report Listing' button which is present on the right hand panel of the property details page and we will contact the agent on your behalf.

My home is listed for sale/rent but some of the details are incorrect. How do I fix this?

We receive property details directly from your estate agent and if there are any errors in your listing details you should contact them directly to inform them and request that these are updated accordingly.

Does Zoopla accept private listings?

Zoopla does not promote private listings and we work directly with estate agents who are bound by law to be truthful in their property marketing, which provides protection to both the buyer and seller. To ensure your property appears on our website, make sure you select an estate agent who lists their properties with us.

How can I find an estate agent to sell/let my property

Use our Estate agent directory to find a local agent in your area to list your home for sale or to let on Zoopla.

What is a Zoopla Estimate?

The Zoopla Estimate is our assessment of the market value of a home on any given day, calculated using a proprietary algorithm (secret formula) that we have developed to continuously analyse millions of property data points. Learn more.

Is the Zoopla Estimate like a valuation?

Our estimates are not formal valuations and should not be used as such. They provide a guide to the value of a home only and users should supplement these with additional research and professional advice. You can get a local estate agent to provide a FREE, no-obligation valuation of your home, by selecting 'Get a FREE agent valuation' under any property in the 'House prices' section of our website.

How accurate are your estimates?

Our estimates are calculated by an AVM using a proprietary algorithm (secret formula) that continuously analyses available data points relating to property sales, values and home characteristics throughout the UK, some of which may be incomplete or inaccurate. Accuracy levels will therefore vary by location and property based on the amount of data we have for similar properties.

How do you know about my home's unique features?

We don't. You may obtain a FREE customised Zoopla Estimate by selecting 'Get estimate' or 'Refine estimate' and providing specific details about any home.

Can I get an estimate on anyone's home?

Yes, you do not need to own a home to get an estimate. Simply enter an address into our search box to get a FREE, instant estimate on any home - yours or anyone else's.

How can I see changes in a home's value over time?

Where we have a Zoopla Estimate for a home, we have also calculated the value retrospectively. You can view estimated value changes over time on any home details page.

What is the Value range?

The Value range indicates the likely current lower and upper values of a home based on the available data and varying market conditions.

How do I correct the Zoopla Estimate for my home?

You may customise your estimate by selecting 'Refine estimate' although this will not automatically affect the Zoopla Estimate. If you don't agree with our estimate, you can let us know by selecting 'Estimate feedback'.

Why don't all homes have a Zoopla Estimate?

We don't have sufficient data to provide a Zoopla Estimate on all homes in the UK. Users may still obtain a FREE customised Zoopla Estimate for any home where we don't have a Zoopla Estimate by selecting 'Get Estimate'.

What is the Zed-Index?

The Zed-Index is the current average Zoopla Estimate of home values in a given area. We have created it to measure changes in values over time in different areas. Learn more.

How can I make my Zoopla Estimate more accurate?

You may help us to improve the accuracy of any estimate by selecting the 'Refine estimate' link for the relevant property, providing additional details and letting us know if you don't agree with the estimate, via our 'Estimate Feedback' form.

How do I correct a sold price error?

Sold price data is publicly available and is supplied to us by Land Registry for England and Wales and by Registers of Scotland for Scotland. There may be a delay of up to 3 months from the time of a sale to it being reported to us. If you notice an error in the date or the price of a sale transaction please provide the address, exact and correct date and amount of the sale to allow us to investigate the matter further.

How do I edit details for a home?

Whilst we aim to ensure accuracy, some of our data may be incomplete or inaccurate. You may update details for a home using the 'Edit' link on any home details page or, if you are the owner, by claiming your home on Zoopla.

Can I delete information about my home?

Since much of our data comes from public sources, we do not permit deletions as this would prevent our services from being as valuable. However, if you have claimed a home and added your own details, you may remove the details you have added from within MyZoopla

Where do recently sold prices come from?

Sold price data is publicly available and is supplied to us by Land Registry for England and Wales and by Registers of Scotland for Scotland. There may be a delay of up to 3 months from the time of a sale to it being reported to us.

Can anyone upload photos of a home?

Yes, anyone may add photos of a home on Zoopla. However, once a home has been claimed the owner may control and select which images will be featured on our website.

How do I let you know about incorrect home information?

If you have identified any incorrect information on our website, please let us know by using the 'Report property content' link on any home details page.

What should I do if I discover any offensive content?

We will remove any content that we consider to be irrelevant or offensive. If you come across anything inappropriate on our website, please tell us using our 'Report property content' link.

How can I report an incorrect address?

If you have identified any incorrect address information on our website, please let us know by selecting Incorrect address. We will investigate and then take the appropriate action.

Can I alter an incorrect position of a home on a map?

Yes - anyone can share their knowledge on Zoopla by letting us know the correct location of a home. Simply select 'Edit position' under the relevant map and follow the instructions.

Who can claim homes on Zoopla?

If you are the owner of a home, you can 'claim it' as yours on Zoopla.

Why claim homes on Zoopla?

Owners claim their homes on Zoopla in order to enhance and edit the details and photos that are featured, set a TemptMe™ Price and/or create an Owner's Estimate.

How do I claim my home?

You may claim your home by simply selecting 'I'm the owner' directly on your home details page.

What if my home has been claimed by another user?

If your home has already been claimed by someone else, either by the previous owner or in error, you may dispute their claim by providing us with appropriate documentation. See How to prove home ownership.

How do I release my claim on a home?

If you have claimed ownership of a home, either as the previous owner or in error, you may release your claim on the home at any time in MyZoopla

Can I delete information about my home?

You may remove any details you have added in MyZoopla. If any incorrect or inappropriate content has been posted you may use the 'Report content' link to let us know.

What is an Owner's Estimate?

As the owner of a home, you may know about certain characteristics that impact its value. Once you claim your home, you may create an Owner's Estimate to share on Zoopla.

What is TemptMe™?

TemptMe is our unique feature that allows potential buyers to register interest in ANY home along with allowing owners to indicate what price they might accept for their home.

How does it work?

Buyers can make a 'no-obligations' TemptMe Offer to register interest in ANY home and owners who have claimed their homes on Zoopla can set a 'no-obligations' TemptMe Price to test interest in their homes.

What is a TemptMe Offer?

A TemptMe Offer is the figure that a potential buyer might be willing to pay for a home that is not currently on the market - after all, everything has a price.

Who can make TemptMe Offers?

Any registered user can make a TemptMe Offer on Zoopla by selecting the 'TemptMe™' link for the relevant property in the house prices section of our website. You may make as many TemptMe Offers as you wish.

What is a TemptMe Price?

A TemptMe Price is the figure that an owner might be willing to consider for their home - the magic number that may be too good to refuse.

Who can set TemptMe Prices?

Only owners who have claimed their homes on Zoopla can set a TemptMe Price by selecting the 'TemptMe™' link for the relevant property in the house prices section of our website.

Can I make TemptMe Offers anonymously?

Sorry, you cannot submit anonymously. Any content posted by users of the Zoopla community will show their Zoopla username with a link to their profile.

What if I want to contact the owner?

If you are interested in any home on our website with a TemptMe Price listed against it, you may contact a local estate agent using the 'Make enquiry’' button on the relevant home details page and the selected agent will contact the owner on your behalf.

Can I prevent other users from making TemptMe Offers on my home?

Sorry, no. Zoopla is a community website and we want everyone to contribute, so any registered user is able to make TemptMe Offers.

Can I edit or remove my TemptMe Offer/Price?

Yes, you may edit or remove any TemptMe Offer you have made or TemptMe Price you have set at any time in MyZoopla

How do I edit my TemptMe listing?

You may update, edit or remove any content that you have added at any time in the MyZoopla section of our website. You may edit or remove your TemptMe price at any time in the MyZoopla section of our website by selecting the 'Homes I have claimed' link under MyContent, clicking 'Edit' then clicking 'Set a TemptMe™ Price' and following the instructions.

What is MyZoopla?

As a registered user, you can use MyZoopla to edit your profile, track your favourite listings, set your preferences and manage your saved searches and property alerts.

Why register on Zoopla?

It's FREE and easy to register on Zoopla and once registered you can save listings, setup property alerts, claim your home, add photos, set your alerts/preferences, register interest in homes not on the market and much more...

How do I setup a property alert?

To sign up to a property alert simply perform a search on Zoopla with your criteria and select 'create email alert' which you will find at the top of the search box after you have conducted your search.

Who can register on Zoopla?

Anyone can register on Zoopla provided they are over 18 years old - whether a buyer, seller, owner, agent or just interested in the property market.

Does it cost anything to register?

No, it is completely FREE to register on Zoopla and to use any of our services. There are no hidden charges or payments required for any of the services on our website.

What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

When you try to Sign in to our website, you will see a link that offers a forgot password option. Simply enter your email address, press submit and an email will be sent to you enabling you to change your password.

How do I register on Zoopla?

You may register by selecting the 'Register' link in the top right corner on any page or by following the registration process automatically for any of our services that require it.

What is MyProfile?

Each registered user has a profile page that they may edit to tell other Zoopla users about themselves. Any content you submit on Zoopla will show a link to your profile page.

How do I edit/update MyProfile?

You can access your profile page and view your Public profile in MyZoopla where you may also edit or update any information.

Who can view MyProfile?

Other users will see a link to your profile whenever you post content on Zoopla. You may opt out of allowing other users to contact you in the MyPreferences section of MyZoopla

Can I change my details?

Yes, you may change any of your login details at any time in MyZoopla. Any changes you make will take effect immediately.

How do I change the location of property market updates I am receiving from you?

You may add to or amend any of the areas you are monitoring on Zoopla in the MyPreferences section of MyZoopla

Will my personal details remain secure?

We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting your personal information. We only use this information to contact you, keep you informed and to provide our services.

Will I receive junk email if I register on Zoopla?

No, you will not get junk email from us and we will not pass your details to any other organisation without your permission. You may unsubscribe from any of our emails at any time in the email preferences section of MyZoopla

How do I unsubscribe or change account details?

You may find a solution to any of your account related problems in the MyZoopla section of our website:

  • If you wish to amend your account details you are able to do so by selecting 'Edit' under MyZoopla.
  • You may unsubscribe or update your email preferences at any time in the MyZoopla section of our website by selecting email preferences and following the instructions.