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Market activity
Average price paid Sales Current average value £159,692 (Zoopla Zed-Index) Value change £2,002 ▲ 1.27%
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201 - 240 of 5,262
Ardmore Park, Belfast, BT10
Ardmore Park South, Finaghy, Belfast, BT10
Ardmoulin Avenue, Belfast, BT13
Ardmoulin Close, Belfast, BT13
Ardmoulin Place, Belfast, BT12
Ardmoulin Street, Belfast, BT12
Ardmoulin Terrace, Belfast, BT12
Ardnaclowney Drive, Belfast, BT12
Ardnoe Avenue, Dundonald, Belfast, BT16
Ardoyne Avenue, Belfast, BT14
Ardoyne Court, Belfast, BT14
Ardoyne Place, Belfast, BT14
Ardoyne Road, Belfast, BT14
Ardoyne Walk, Belfast, BT14
Ardpatrick Gardens, Belfast, BT6
Ardvarna Crescent, Belfast, BT4
Ardvarna Park, Belfast, BT4
Areema Drive, Dunmurry, Belfast, BT17
Argyle Business Centre, North Howard Street, Belfast, BT13
Argyle Court, Belfast, BT13
Argyle Street, Belfast, BT13
Arizona Street, Belfast, BT11
Arlington Drive, Dunmurry, Belfast, BT10
Arlington Park, Dunmurry, Belfast, BT10
Armitage Close, Belfast, BT4
Arney Close, Belfast, BT6
Arnon Street, Belfast, BT13
Arosa Crescent, Belfast, BT15
Arosa Parade, Belfast, BT15
Arosa Park, Belfast, BT15
Arran Court, Belfast, BT5
Arran Park, Dundonald, Belfast, BT16
Arran Street, Belfast, BT5
Artana Street, Belfast, BT7
Arthur Square, Belfast, BT1
Arthur Street, Belfast, BT1
Arundel Courts, Belfast, BT12
Arundel Walk, Belfast, BT12
Ascot Gardens, Belfast, BT5
Ascot Mews, Belfast, BT5
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