The Homes Under the Hammer star warns not to get too cosy in your buy-to-let as investing in property has to be a business

Martin Roberts has been dealing with the ups and downs of the property market for decades.

And the presenter of the BBC’s popular auction show Homes Under the Hammer has taken a few moments out to give us his No 1 piece of advice when investing in bricks and mortar.

“The biggest step if you're buying property for investment is to realise it’s a business and you have to do it professionally,” says Martin.

“You cannot just stumble into it. But making that step and realising that buying and investing in property can be a good way to make money - it’s not just a room over your head - is really great.

“You need to consider it as a business, set it up as a business and run it as a business, because that is what it is.”

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