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Why a new build home is greener and better value

New homes, built to the latest demanding environmental standards, are far better for the environment than the majority of second hand homes, say the New Homes Marketing Board.

In fact, new homes are on average six times more efficient than existing homes, generating over 60% less CO2 emissions - the equivalent of driving 10,000 miles less a year per household. This reduces energy bills by an average of more than £500 a year!

David Pretty, chairman of the New Homes Marketing Board - which is running New Homes Month throughout September - says: "Today's new homes really are green homes. They are built to the latest environmental standards and are extremely energy efficient, packed with highly-efficient heating systems, double glazed doors and windows, plus high levels of roof, floor and wall insulation.

"Cleary with energy prices as they are, this is a huge benefit to the purchasers of new homes, having the potential to save households hundreds of pounds a year. It's one of the many reasons we are urging people to get down to their local new home sites and showhomes during New Homes Month to see for themselves the benefits of buying a new home."

Energy efficiency and high environmental standards are already ranked high among the attributes buyers want from newly-built homes, according to a YouGov survey carried out for the New Homes Marketing Board in 2009. It asked respondents to select features they considered most important if they were buying a newly-built home. At 41 per cent, the category combining energy efficiency and high environmental standards was the third most important attribute chosen.

"This survey strongly underlined our message that new homes are already 'green' homes, certainly the greenest that you can go out and buy from the open market at any one time" said Mr Pretty.

Existing housing stock is one of the biggest generators of CO2 emissions, with older property generally performing worst. But new house builders are in the vanguard of change, improving environmental standards year-on-year. Thanks to building standards introduced in 2006, hew homes are already up to 60% more efficient than housing built at the beginning of the decade and the industry is currently working towards the challenging 'zero carbon' housing targets within the next 10 years.

Said David Pretty: "People who care about energy efficiency, the size of their utility bills and things like responsibly-sourced materials are increasingly inclined to buy new - and that's good both for the environment, the house building industry and of course the great British homebuying public."

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