The best UK locations for community spirit

At a time when we’ve been staying close to home more than ever, the strength of our local communities has become increasingly important.

To select which locations across the UK have the best community spirit, we analysed a range of data sets, including data such as the number of local events available, volunteering opportunities and proximity to green spaces.

Sort the data from ‘high’ to ‘low’ by choosing a category below. Select each image to find out how each location scored.

Methodology: We’ve analysed a series of metrics and scored them in order to find the best locations for community spirit. Metrics included the number of nurseries (, number of events (The List), number of green spaces (Tripadvisor) and the number of volunteering opportunities (Do IT). We’ve then worked this out per household and provided each location with a score. All data is available on request.

Explore Zoopla and take a look at houses for sale in the top 5 locations for community: