Where to rent in London for the best transport links – whatever your budget

Renting in the capital? Cost and public transport are likely to be top priorities. Our map, which shows best value areas for travel connections, should make your search easier.

If you’re looking to rent in London, chances are there are two considerations that top your list of criteria: cost and proximity to public transport such as a tube, train station or bus stop.

We’ve made it easier to find the best locations for transport connections according to your rental budget.

Our interactive map compares average rental costs of a two-bedroom property with data from PTAL (public transport accessibility level), a recognised ‘gold standard’ measure of the transport connectivity of an area.

Areas in red are those that hit the sweet spot of being relatively affordable and well-connected to public transport links.

The map allows you to set your maximum (and minimum) budget which means you’ll only be shown areas you can afford.

How have we worked it out?

We’ve split the Greater London region into hundreds of geographical locations called Lower Layer Super Output Areas (LSOA). An LSOA is just a few streets (smaller than a post code), which allows us to be hyper-local.

We’ve given each LSOA a score out of 10 for both rental cost and PTAL rating. PTAL is predominantly measured by the walking distance to the nearest bus stop or rail station but also factors in frequency of services during peak hours and average waiting times.

Cheaper properties and those with the best connections according to PTAL have been awarded the best scores.

We’ve then multiplied these scores together and applied them to a colour spectrum ranging from blue (worst) to red (best).