For those on the hunt for a new property it’s always exciting to find something a little different. Here we’ve short-listed our top 10 most unusual homes on the market.

1. With inspiration taken from Thunderbirds Tracy Island you can rest assured this is a unique home.

Five bed in Poole – Arlington & Hall

Thunderbirds Tracy Island inspired house

2. This conversion of two water towers makes for a visually striking home.
Six bedrooms in Faversham, Kent - Savills

Converted water towers in Kent

3. A sweet treat for tea fans. Your very own tea pot house for £10,000.
Scottish Borders – Rettie & Co

Tea pot house

4. An adorable oast house that makes great use of it’s circular rooms.
Six bed in Kent – Hamptons

Six bedroom Oast house in Kent

5. SeaGlass is an award winning waterfront home with a mosaic exterior that gives the whole property a luxurious feel.
Six bed in Cowes – Biles & Co

SeaGlass house in Cowes

6. A 1960’s built Canadian ‘A’ frame home. We can’t help but think they’re just very big Toblerone fans.
Four bed in Kent – Harpers and Hurlingham

Canadian 'A' frame house in Kent

7. This Grade II listed former windmill is ripe for renovation. We predict a stunning Grand Design style refurb in it’s future.
Doncaster – Drewery & Wheeldon

Grade II listed windmill in Doncaster

8. Is it a shed? Is it a warehouse? No…it’s a riverboat. Take a look inside it’s surprisingly spacious interior.
Four bed in London – Hamptons

Riverboat in London

9. Designed by the art collector Thomas Watkins it’s no surprise this unique home has previously featured on Grand Designs.
Four bed in East Sussex – The Modern House

Grand Designs house in East Sussex

10. This truly is a stunning property but the best thing about living in a decommissioned lighthouse – the views!
Six bed in Dumfries And Galloway – Knight Frank

Decommissioned light house in Dumfries and Galloway

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