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Contact name: Barbara Robinson
Status: Other
Joined on: 1st May 2009

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About me

NEEDED URGENTLY - 2 double B/R House with garden, fitted kitchen for DSS Widow with a daughter who has ME, Have 2 House Rabbits who stay in their cages, or go for a walk outside on leads. Ideally looking for 2 Dble Bedrooms , Lounge, Diningroom/study, Fitted Kitchen, Garden with a Shed / Garage. Retired from lecturing in Adult Education, my pension is topped up by Pens. Credits. I love gardening and now painting/ sketching and write short stories as a hobby and will hopefully will be able to come off DSS within the next year. Can anyone assist me? Currently live in a very small flat in Edinburgh (Private Rental) on HLA , need to move as my daughter needs to be able to walk outside into the sun in her pj's. She has not been able to get out more than 15 times in the past three years. Any help would be appreciated. Contact me on 07857206690 if necessary

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