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Status: Agent
AskMe rating: 24
Joined on: 16th Jul 2009

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Company name: Bloom Property Solutions
Telephone number: 01273 915 490
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Bloom is an independent property search and acquisition company, dedicated to removing the stress from finding your next home or property investment. Bloom operates throughout East and West Sussex. We also work with new and existing clients who wish to update the design of their existing property, through structural or aesthetic change

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Searching for a new home can become a full time job, and can be a very stressful experience for you and your family. We all want to enjoy our free time and get the most out of the little time that we do have when we are not working. This is why bloom provides an alternate way of managing the property location and purchase process, which means we take away the stress, leaving you to enjoy your time in your own way. You will not have to endure tiresome trips to view numerous properties which, despite looking good on paper and the internet simply are not suitable for your needs. We know from personal experience that many hours can be spent considering numerous properties, and without viewing them all it is often very difficult to decide which ones are truly reflective of your specific needs. That is why we will work for you in finding and reviewing all potential properties on your behalf. We will give you frank and unbiased advice based on our assessment of those properties compared to your original requirements, so that you need only view a carefully selected shortlist of properties that you feel are right for you

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