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Contact name: Gavin Brazg
Status: Agent
AskMe rating: 23
Joined on: 13th Sep 2008

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I originally trained as an Architect, gained a Masters Degree in Property Development & Planning, worked in the central London commercial property market & have been employed by a number of the UK's leading house building companies. Today I am the editor of which is a major source of impartial expert advice on all aspects of selling property.

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Created in 2005 by members of the housebuilding industry, was started due to three reasons: 1. Fear of recession! Nothing puts dread in to the heart of the House Building Industry more. We can do nothing to influence international economics, national economics or inept governments. All we can do is pass on our knowledge, help homeowners to make their properties more saleable and in turn do our bit to help keep the UK housing market liquid. 2. Our concern over the low quality of service provided by many professionals in the property industry. We believe in the merit of free markets and we relate strongly to the private homeowner trying to make the most profit possible from the sale of their asset. Unfortunately in the UK there is massive distrust of the professional advisors that are meant to help you achieve this. We've been dealing with estate agents, property lawyers and other industry "professionals" for longer than we care to mention. We've seen how the general public is taken advantage of when buying and selling property and we've witnessed firsthand a lot of unnecessary heartache and financial loss. 3. Our concern over the severe lack of reliable, impartial and effective property advice available to UK home movers. Most of what you'll find in the general media panders to (or is provided by) estate agents and other vested interests - It has to! Media channels such as newspapers and property portals earn huge advertising revenue from the Estate Agency Industry. They'd be stupid not to place the needs of these advertisers ahead of yours. Here at we're privately funded and thankfully don't have such constraints. We're free to pass on to you all our insider knowledge (no matter who that upsets), do so gladly and have been finding it immensely gratifying being able to help private homeowners make the most of their property sales.

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