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im a single mom to 2 girls. 18 and 3. im on housing benefit and im looking for a 3 bedroom house with garden in tamworth as my lease to the house im renting off now (private landlord) is selling the property and i have to find somewhere else to live. my lease is up on the 12th sept 2013. ive failed credit checks but ive never missed a rent and council tax payment. i have good references from my landlord. im a good and clean honest person. i just want a chance to be happy with my 2 girls in a house that is long term and i can go back to work very soon. i have the money and also the bond ready to move. if u can help me. please get in touch. i dont have much time left and so far ive found nothing because of credit checks as ive struggled over the yrs bringing up 2 girls on my own.

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