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Profile for SteveAtCastles Agent

Contact name: Steve Hatch
Status: Agent
Joined on: 16th Feb 2010

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About me

My name is Steve, I am one of the Directors here at Castles and I have been valuing properties exclusively in the Harringay, Hornsey, Wood Green and Turnpike Lane areas of North London for 16 years now! We have met and helped so many wonderful people and, at the same time, we have been doing what we do and love best day in and day out. As a result of this I have appeared on some of the most popular TV property shows and featured in several national newspapers as the so called property expert… Yes, I am playing it down! It may have been fun doing these things, but that is not the real day job. As a company we enjoy making a real difference to people’s lives. We have had the same team of professionals in our branch for the past 16 years. For estate agents this is virtually unheard of and makes us a little different to any other agent in the area… And I guess this explains why people want us on their side!

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