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Bedroom design ideas

Dive into these bedroom upgrades for design ideas that will help you create the ultimate restful sanctuary.

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Your bedroom serves as your personal sanctuary, where each day begins and ends. It's crucial that this space makes you both happy and relaxed.

We’ve pulled together some of our favourite My Bespoke Room bedroom designs and combined them with our Interior Designer’s best tips to help you get started with your bedroom makeover!

1. Colour schemes for bedrooms

There is a complete plethora of options when it comes to colours for bedrooms, but we suggest choosing a shade that creates the most calming feel.

Examples of these colours are warm neutrals, light blues and pinks and soft greens - basically, anything that isn’t bright or bold enough to keep you up at night!

Bold colours can still be used in moderation as they are great for creating a cosy and intimate atmosphere. To incorporate a darker shade, try out a feature or half-painted wall.

Don’t forget about your 5th wall - the ceiling. We love a dark painted ceiling in a bedroom because it really draws you down into the space, helping you to feel more relaxed.

Let your personal preference be the main deciding factor as after all, this space is for you

But if you want a little colour inspiration, here are some of our designer's favourite ideas

Soft, pastel bedroom shades

Nothing beats a neutral palette and this muted pink shade creates the ideal base layer for a calming bedroom.

The great thing about going neutral on the walls is that you have a lot of opportunities to get experimental with the rest of your décor.

Interest is created through the serene blue shade, which is featured in the painting, headboard and pillow, to create a focal point in the room.

Pink and blue combinations in bedrooms are simply timeless and are always a safe go-to if you want a relaxing space to wind down in. 

Moody bedroom designs

This room perfectly demonstrates how you can go bold with bedroom colours and make it work. 

The deep blue shade draws you into the bed and makes the bright room feel a lot more cosy.

By adding some vibrant pops with soft furnishings, the bedroom still has some visual interest while holding onto a relaxing vibe.

To create a cohesive look, pair your dark feature wall with your décor - like how the blue bedding matches the navy wall in the design above. This way the wall doesn’t feel out of place against the rest of the white space.

2. How to layout a bedroom

The starting point in any room design is the layout. One of the most common mistakes we see as designers is when people buy furniture before thinking about the bigger picture.

Unless you’re blessed with a luxurious master suite, often the bed will take up most of the space in your bedroom - so it’s best to start there.

Our Interior Designers suggest embracing the size of your room rather than fighting it. The furniture you choose needs to match the scale of the space.

Make sure there’s enough space to easily move through the space and that windows and radiators aren’t blocked. Don’t forget about the swing of your door! You don’t want to bang the door into your bed every time you enter the room.

If your bedroom is rather small, try finding a slim bed frame that has tall legs - this way you will see more floor space which will trick the eye into thinking it’s bigger.

Other great ways to save space in your bedroom are to use hanging pendant lights instead of bedside lamps and to use narrow bedside tables that have ample storage below. 

3. Creating a cosy atmosphere with lighting

Ambient and layered lighting is your one-way ticket to a cosy bedroom.

To perfect this lighting arrangement, make sure you have some great bedside lamps with warm-white bulbs, that are 2700K or under. This will give you that soft candlelight effect.

This way you will have the ideal reading light that won’t be keeping you up all night!

Make sure you add low level lighting to all corners of the room. This will help it feel more spacious. 

Finally, to lean into complete comfort, why not dot around a few candles as no bulb can truly replicate the magic of a flickering candle in the evenings!

4. Storage solutions for bedrooms

If you’re in need of a little extra storage space, try peeking under your bed and use some handy bins or baskets.

Ottoman beds offer a stylish and practical option, keeping clutter at bay while maintaining a sleek look.

Or consider an end-of-bed ottoman which can double up as a seat to help you get ready.

As Interior Designers, we love bespoke fittings as your storage will be completely tailored to your space and needs - plus it may not be as expensive as you think!

5. Comforting soft furnishings

Ever stepped into a hotel room and wanted to do nothing more but just dive into that dream-worthy bed?

Well, we can recreate that feel at home!

Crisp, white bedding is the best way to recreate that 5-star feel as it's super versatile and can be jazzed up with the use of cushions and throws.

Our designers suggest creating variation with the patterns and textures of your pillows and throws but keeping the same colour scheme for a cohesive look.

The bedding shouldn’t just look good, but it should feel good too.

Bedding that has a higher thread count is generally the most comfy and best quality, so aim for a count of around 300-800.

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