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    Boost your finances with a new home buying scheme

    There are certified schemes and unique incentives available when it comes to buying a new-build home.

    You could boost your deposit, trade in your current home or get access to a cheaper mortgage rate. Some of the most popular buying schemes for new builds in 2024 are:

    Which new-build buying scheme is right for you?

    New-build homes are much more energy efficient

    Stop hunting for heating hacks and start searching for new-build homes: they’re kinder to the planet and your bank balance.

    85% of new builds have an EPC rating of A or B, compared with less than 5% of older homes. That means the average new-build energy bill is 57% cheaper than for older properties, meaning savings of £1,685 a year. This figure rises to £2,575 for houses specifically.

    So if a smaller carbon footprint and bigger savings are on your wish list, there’s only one way to go.

    Find out more about new-build energy efficiency.

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    Find out more about new-build homes

    Our team of experts bring you the latest news and advice on buying a new-build property.

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      We answer your questions about new-build homes

      What is a new-build home?

      A new-build home is a property that has been newly constructed and hasn’t ever been lived in before. Everything in the home, including fixtures, fittings and appliances is brand new.

      Sometimes, if a property has been completely renovated to the point where almost everything is new, it can also count as a new-build home.

      Is buying a new build a good investment?

      Buying a new-build home can save you money in the long term for the following reasons:

      • They come with 10 year warranties

      • They often have EPC ratings of A or B

      • They can save you money with day-to-day running costs

      What schemes are available for buying a new build?

      What is the average cost of new-build homes?

      The average price of a new-build home in the UK for 2023 is £389,659, according to the Land Registry. This price varies depending on where you are buying in the country.

      The average price for a new-build home in London is £634,100. That's around twice the national average. Whereas a new-build home in the North West is £297,100 and £461,800 in the South East.

      A complete guide to buying a home

      Buying a home is a big deal. From finding that perfect pad right through to exchanging contracts, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.