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    What are the steps to renting a property?

    1. Firstly, you'll need to work out your budget for rent. That also includes the bills you’ll be responsible for as a renter.

    2. Be clear on what you're looking for in your next property. Have questions to ask at the viewing; our rental viewing checklist will help.

    3. Prepare your documents (such as references and identification) to get ahead of the competition.

    What do you need to rent a house?

    To rent a house you'll need to provide character references from your current landlord and employer. You'll also need to prove your income by providing payslips and bank statements.

    The letting agent will run a credit check on you to understand if you can afford to pay the rent and if you're likely to pay it on time.

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    Where are the cheapest places to rent?

    The North East is the cheapest region to rent a home in the UK. Average rents here are £671 per month.

    Northern IrelandScotland and Yorkshire and the Humber all sit at the cheaper end of the scale too, with rents averaging less than £800 per month.

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    What is a tenancy agreement?

    A tenancy agreement or Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement (AST) is the standard contract for the vast majority of rental properties.

    This type of agreement comes with various protections, including for your rental deposit. Make sure you know what to watch out for in your rental agreement before signing it.