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Are UK house prices falling?

UK house prices have fallen 1.1% or £2,830 in the 12 months to October 2023. This is the second month in a row house prices have fallen annually. Before that, they last fell in 2012.

House prices are falling across all regions of England, with the East (-2.4%) and South East (-2.4%) seeing the biggest drops over the year. Prices in Wales are now 0.2% lower than a year ago.

Property prices are still rising very slowly in Scotland (+1.2%) and Northern Ireland (+1.1%).

Ellie Isaac

Senior Editor

How does inflation affect house prices?

As a general rule, higher inflation tends to mean lower house price growth.

When inflation is high, the Bank of England usually increases the Bank Rate. This increases interest rates and makes mortgages more expensive, so fewer people look to buy a home or move house.

The Bank Rate is currently 5.25%, its highest level for more than 15 years. However, mortgage rates are expected to come down this autumn.

Nic Hopkirk

Senior Editor

How far will house prices fall in 2023?

We expect to see further small house price falls in the coming months, with house prices ending up 2% to 3% lower at the end of 2023 than at the start of the year.

This will leave house prices 17% higher than at the start of 2020, just before the pandemic.

We expect house prices to keep falling in 2024. With mortgage rates as high as they are, the falls we’ve seen so far are not enough to encourage many buyers back into the market.

House prices need to fall more in the most unaffordable parts of the country to boost buying power and open up the housing market to more people.

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Does Zoopla have all sold house prices in the UK?

Our sold house prices come from the Land Registry and Registers of Scotland each month, so we cover most properties in the UK. But they don't provide prices for some sales, such as:

  • The sale of a share of a property or a right-to-buy property

  • Property transfers after a divorce, as a gift, or as a Compulsory Purchase Order or Court Order

  • Transfers of more than one property as part of a portfolio

  • First registration of leases for 7 years or less

  • Additional price paid transactions valued below £100

If we don’t have a sold house price, you can get an instant valuation instead. This uses the latest market data and advanced algorithms to estimate a home's value.

Izabella Lubowiecka

Senior Property Researcher