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Are UK house prices falling?

Yes, UK house prices are falling slowly as the market continues to get used to higher mortgage rates. The average house price in the UK is now £264,400, a fall of -0.8% or -£2,100 compared to a year ago.

Read more in our House Price Index: January 2024.

Ellie Isaac

Senior Editor

Will property prices keep falling in 2024?

House prices fell last year but they still have further to go in 2024. Buyers are price-sensitive due to higher mortgage rates and homeowners are having to knock an average of 5% off their asking price when selling.

Richard Donnell debates whether house prices will rise in 2024.

How do mortgage rates affect house prices?

When mortgage rates are higher, fewer people want to - or can afford to - buy a home. This reduces demand and usually means lower house price growth. However, there are signs that mortgage rates could come down in 2024.

Nic Hopkirk

Senior Editor

Does Zoopla have all sold house prices in the UK?

We get our sold house prices from HM Land Registry and Registers of Scotland each month, but it can take up to 6 months for sales to appear in our data. They also don't provide some property prices, such as the sale of a share or a transfer after a divorce. If we don’t have a sold house price, get an instant valuation instead.

Izabella Lubowiecka

Senior Property Researcher

Why are UK house prices so high?

Low mortgages rates up until 2022 encouraged people to buy a home, while the pandemic had lots of people looking for more space or a different location to live.

Together, these two factors created huge buyer demand and 12 in 13 homes increased in value in 2022 - by an average of £19,000.

Matilda Battersby


What's happening with London property prices?

London has the most expensive homes in the UK, but the average value of a London home is just 8% higher than 7 years ago. For the rest of the UK, this figure is 28% higher, showing that London homes are becoming better value for money.

The cheapest places to buy a home in London are Plumstead, Deptford and Thamesmead East.

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