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Thought you couldn't afford an interior designer? Think again

Hiring a designer is more affordable and easier than ever. Here’s why an Interior Designer is worth their weight in gold.

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For years, hiring a designer has been out of reach with most of us left to navigate the world of home decorating alone.

But now, thanks to online interior design, you can work with a qualified, highly experienced designer from the comfort of your sofa (and at an affordable price).

With My Bespoke Room, you can partner up with one of our professional Interior Designers, working one-on-one together to create your dream space.

For just £395 per room, your designer will craft the perfect layout, colour scheme and hand-pick products within your budget, saving you time and hassle.

How much does an Interior Designer cost?

All Interior Designers will calculate their costs differently, which is why it can often be so difficult to work out which service is the most affordable.

Some Interior Designers will charge an hourly rate which could range anywhere between £30-£200 per hour, with the prices depending on how comprehensive the service is.

Whereas other designers may offer fixed fee pricing where you will get a specific quote for the entirety of your project.

The benefit of a fixed fee model is that, as a customer, you know exactly what you are getting from day one. We believe this transparent pricing model is super important, ensuring that there are never any hidden costs.

Simply choose the room you want to transform and we’ll tell you the price straight away!

How does online interior design work?

At My Bespoke Room, we make it clear from the get-go exactly what you are receiving and how the process works.

First, you’ll fill out our easy design brief which will help us understand your style preferences and lifestyle - meaning we can match you with the best possible designer.

You will collaborate with your dedicated Interior Designer over 3 weeks, including 2 video calls, to work towards your dream room.

Your designer will perfect your layout, colour scheme and hand pick products tailored to your budget.

Finally, you move on to the excitement of shopping, in the safe hands of the shopping support team, who will help you manage all of your orders. We also throw in a £100 shopping voucher with every room design to put towards furniture! We’re nice like that.

Is hiring an Interior Designer worth it?

The short answer is definitely, yes! But if you’re nervous that working with an Interior Designer may not be right for you, then check out just some of the benefits below.

An Interior Design can save you money

You may be wondering how on earth you can be saving money while paying for an additional service?

However, we talk to so many customers who have come to us after making some expensive mistakes in their homes.

With our designer’s expertise, you get the room right, first time - no buying a dining table that is too big, a sofa that doesn’t match or a stunning piece of furniture which is totally unfunctional (we’ve all been there).

We have access to a vast network of retailers, ensuring you find the perfect piece within your budget. Plus, our price match promise gives you the confidence that you’ll never overpay for any of the suppliers we recommend.

How an Interior Designer can save you time

Does it ever feel like you have the perfect vision of your home, but will never have the time to properly achieve it?

Perhaps you have lots of half finished rooms but no time to complete them?

An Interior Designer can do all the leg work for you so you can simply sit back and enjoy the process.

Don't worry! Delegating doesn't mean losing control and ending up with a house that doesn't feel like your home.

The whole process is collaborative; at every stage, you say what you like and importantly what you don’t like, making sure you end up with a room you love.

Avoid the stress of decorating your home

Along with taking time, updating your home can be stressful.

By working with an Interior Designer, the weight can be lifted off your shoulders.

At My Bespoke Room, we will supply you with layouts, moodboards and furniture recommendations so you have all the tools you need to effortlessly pull your dream room together.

Establish a home with a defined style

If you feel like you can never commit to one style or struggle to envision what your room should look like, you can benefit from working with a designer.

An Interior Designer will work closely with you to establish your personal style and create a vision for the space.

Their expert skills mean they can translate ideas into a cohesive design that you not only love the look of but feels like you.

Interior design can add value to your home

When the process is complete, all of that extra work can bump up the value of your home.

A well-designed home stands out in the real estate market, attracting more buyers and commanding higher selling prices.

The changes a designer makes aren’t just beautiful, but practical too, by adjusting layouts and storage your space is maximised, making your home more functional.

If you’re looking to work on a home design project, our expert Interior Designers are ready to work with you from just £395 per room. Book a free call with us today to discuss your project.

Get the WOW-factor for £395 per room

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