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Bedroom interior design trends

Want to create the perfect sleeping sanctuary? Explore top interior design trends and must-have furniture ideas.

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Words by: Matilda Battersby


From how to avoid Barbie-core to going for a look that your grandma would love, these are the hottest bedroom interior trends of the year.

1. Grandma chic

You might not expect the height of contemporary design to include florals, frills and lace. But right now, plenty of bedrooms are being inspired by the 'Grandma-chic' trend.

Think adventurous colours, textures and vintage accessories. From old Victorian bedsteads to Laura Ashley patterns and wallpapers, if your granny loves it, you should too.

It’s all about the details and the knick-knacks. Repurpose old china cups to hold jewellery, add brass knobs to old chests of drawers. Heck, turn a bedpan into a lampstand. 

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The great thing is grannies like it warm. So invest in plenty of fabulous bedding and fluffy pillows for maximum comfort and to keep out those draughts.

“Patterns are a core part of achieving the grandma chic aesthetic, especially those full of colour and eclectic patterns,” says Amy Wilson, interior designer for 247 Curtains.

“If you’re not ready to commit to kitsch wallpaper taking over your bedroom walls, consider introducing those granny-esque patterns via floral curtains.”

2. Going green

When you think bedroom, you might conjure soft whites, buttery yellows and primrose pinks. But the hottest colour right now is a bit more organic.

If you want your bedroom to hit the trendiest hue this year, go for sage green.

“Sage green is everywhere at the moment, and for good reason,” says Sahar Saffari from Hi-Spec Design.

“It’s easy to see why it’s a popular choice in the bedroom as it’s a calming colour, not too harsh and it works well with both light and dark accents. 

“Sage represents restfulness, inspired by the colours of nature, which is why it’s perfect for the bedroom.”

Sahar’s top tip is to accentuate the relaxing feeling of sage by accompanying it with natural materials, light-coloured hardwoods and beaded or macrame-style accessories.“

3. Sleep-sensitive lighting

Nothing punctures the lovely feeling of falling off to sleep like having to hop out of bed to turn the light out. Bedroom lighting is all important.

“Small bedrooms should be sensitively lit. Adding wall lights will help the space feel brighter and larger,” says Peter Legg, lead designer at där lighting.

“Pendant lights dropped from ceiling height can also be brilliant solutions for those who don’t have room for a traditional bedside. 

“Try using ribbed or coloured shades for a subtle pop of personality. Alternatively, opt for a sculptural semi flush to draw the eye upwards and add dimension to the room.”

4. Geometric Japandi

Inspired by nature, the Japandi aesthetic is all about blonde woods, beautiful greenery and a neutral colour palette.

The trend brings together the best of Japanese and Scandinavian interiors – and the combination is wonderful in bedrooms.

“The Japandi trend is a fusion of Japanese and Scandi design, and the trend encapsulates both cultures' adoption of slow living and simplicity,” says Lucy Ackroyd, head of design at Christy.

“As we move through the 2020s, you can expect an injection of patterns to bring life into the bedroom, whilst also keeping to the crux of Japandi.”

Choose natural colours and striking furniture, but mix it up with the odd cushion or window blind with geometric patterns in monochrome. Or, if you’re feeling braver, a wallpaper border.

“Simple geometrics will be very on trend next year and are the perfect way to add dimension and intrigue to a neutral room,” says Lucy.

“Remember to keep it simple and pared back to preserve the room’s soothing properties.”

5. Maximalism

Bedrooms can be an enclave of minimalist chic. But if you’re more of a maximalist type, then the place where you sleep should 100% provide an opportunity to go all out.

We’re talking luxury fabrics, novelty themes, clashing colours, sumptuous textures. Throw everything at it, so long as it’s vaguely comfortable to sleep on.

“This is the time to experiment with an array of colour, contrasting rich purples with brighter warm orange tones to create an exciting eye-scape,” says interior designer Andrew Henry.

“Mixing materials in your furnishings is a great way to build a stimulating multi-sensory environment.

“Think velvet fabrics blended with sleek concrete and marble counters to add an air of nuanced sophistication. 

“Build character in your home by adding a series of stand-out pieces of art. If you’re brave enough, optical illusion prints are perfect at achieving this.”

6. Showstopping feature wall

If you’re not quite ready for full maximalism, then the good news is you can take one wall to the max and still be super on trend.

A top tip for bedrooms is to make a feature of the wall your bed will be pushed up against.

A feature wall might mean splashing out on fantastic wallpaper, installing wood cladding, investing in those stylish stickers you can peel off and stick on. Or even creating your own mural.

The key is to make sure your one showstopping wall ties in the with the rest of the room.

“There are two ways you can approach the rest of your bedroom design. 

“The first option is to mirror the design with your bed linen,” says Lucy.

“If you have a floral pattern on your feature wall, use a duvet cover with subtle botanical prints like dainty daisies or beautiful blossoms to achieve balance and harmony within the room. 

“The second option is to stick to plain white bedding and accentuate the prominent colours found on the wall art by using bright and bold soft furnishings to decorate your bed.

“This way you won’t take the focus away from the ornate backdrop. 

“Style with throws and cushions, and add lush greenery or fresh flowers to truly bring the room alive.”

7. Wall panels

If you want to add texture and interest to your walls then panels are a top trend for this year.

You can add country cottage cosiness with dado height panels. Or go for a more contemporary approach with vertical wood accents, which you can paint or leave bare.

Panelling also helps to add height to a room, so it’s perfect for smaller spaces and gives an overall luxurious feel to a room.

“Panelling is a fantastic way to add depth and textures to the space, without being too overpowering,” says Sahar Saffari from Hi-Spec Design.

“It’s also great if you don’t want to paint a wall a different colour, but you do want to add a change to your bedroom.”

If you’re going to paint your panelling, it’s a good idea to keep the area above it a lighter colour to give the illusion of a taller ceiling. 

Another great tip is to use the panelling to create a shelf along the wall. This is a great way to add some storage space that can be used to prop up pictures or mirrors.

8. Pared back pink

Barbiecore was all the rage in 2023. But while bubblegum pinks are flirtatious and fun, you might come to regret them in the longer run.

An alternative is to choose pared-back pastel pinks, and contrast them with the sage green that is currently all the rage.

“Be inspired by delicate natural pinks like quartz and cherry blossoms. These more muted tones are more calming, creating a sense of balance and harmony in the home,” says Lucy.

“Soft pink neutral tones work well in a bedroom because they add freshness and serenity. If you want to go a bit further, add candy-coloured accessories and furniture.”

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