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Thinking about moving to Clerkenwell? Discover why it's a great place to live, fun things to do here, what the local schools are like, transport connections and so much more.

Your guide to moving to Clerkenwell

Why Clerkenwell is a good place to live

Clerkenwell is a unique spot nestled in the heart of London.

It boasts a wealth of history blended with a forward-thinking, creative vibe. Living in Clerkenwell offers an exciting experience of daily life, especially for young, creative individuals who produce works of art, design, and architecture.

A wide diversity of Georgian and Victorian houses creates a distinct residential area which is conveniently close to major transport hubs.

Food lovers will adore the variety-filled street food markets like Leather Lane and Exmouth Market.

Despite being primarily urban, Clerkenwell houses tranquil green spaces, offering moments of peace amidst city life, contributing to a distinctive lifestyle unique to this area.

What's Clerkenwell famous for?

Clerkenwell is famous for its Clerkenwell Design Week, an annual event attracting artists and makers from around the world to exhibit their designs in various historic venues.

The area's industrial history is also celebrated through inspiring warehouse conversions.

Clerkenwell is rich in history, even referred to as London's 'Little Italy' due to its significant Italian population in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Another main hallmark is the city's exceptional blend of old and new architecture with a range of styles from Georgian to Victorian.

Things to do in Clerkenwell

Clerkenwell is an area bursting with exciting activities, from exploring food markets to soaking in history.

Food enthusiasts will find themselves spoilt for choice in markets such as Leather Lane and Exmouth Market, whilst Michelin-starred restaurants offer an upscale dining experience.

This area also encompasses the delights of history, housing many ancient buildings like St John’s Gate.

Delve into local culture at events like Clerkenwell Design Week, the annual celebration of local and international design.

In search of some leisure, one can explore small museums, enjoy immersive experiences, or take in the arts at the nearby Barbican Centre.

Hidden gardens like St James' churchyard offer peaceful outdoor experiences.

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Properties currently for sale in Clerkenwell

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Transport in Clerkenwell

Find the nearest train stations and other transport links in Clerkenwell.

Local connections

0.2 miles / 0.3 km
National Rail
0.2 miles / 0.3 km
0.4 miles / 0.6 km
Chancery Lane
0.5 miles / 0.8 km
0.6 miles / 1.0 km
City Thameslink
National Rail
0.7 miles / 1.1 km

Schools in Clerkenwell

Discover local primary schools, secondary schools and sixth form colleges in Clerkenwell.

Education in Clerkenwell

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary School
Ages: 3 - 11 years old
Ofsted Rating: Good (2023)
Dallington School
Ages: 3 - 11 years old
Hugh Myddelton Primary School
Ages: 2 - 11 years old
Ofsted Rating: Outstanding (2017)
Christopher Hatton Primary School
Ages: 3 - 11 years old
Ofsted Rating: Outstanding (2022)
St Alban's Church of England Primary School
Ages: 3 - 11 years old
Ofsted Rating: Good (2019)
Charterhouse Square School
Ages: 3 - 11 years old

Local pubs in Clerkenwell

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