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Thinking about moving to Hornsey? Discover why it's a great place to live, fun things to do here, what the local schools are like, transport connections and so much more.

Your guide to moving to Hornsey

Why Hornsey is a good place to live

Living in Hornsey means embracing a peaceful lifestyle that’s just minutes away from the bustling heart of London. This charming area has experienced significant growth in recent years, yet, it has managed to hold onto its original Victorian charm. Its high street bustles with independent shops and cafes which creates a cosy, village-like feeling despite its proximity to the city. Hornsey also provides excellent transport links, with quick and easy access to Moorgate in less than 20 minutes from Hornsey station. Plus, it offers a vibrant and energetic atmosphere which perfectly balances the business of city living with a more laid-back suburban lifestyle.

What's Hornsey famous for?

Hornsey is famous for its iconic Alexandra Palace, which hosts a range of events including concerts and craft fairs. Additionally, the area is also known for its Highpoint I & II buildings which are praised for their impressive modernist architecture. Furthermore, the Crouch End Clocktower and Parkland Walk are well-known local landmarks which add historical character to Hornsey.

Things to do in Hornsey

In Hornsey, there's no shortage of things to see or do. The area is graced with multiple parks and green spaces like Finsbury Park, Queen’s Wood, Lordship Recreation Ground, Priory Park, Parkland Walk Reserve, Stationers Park, and Alexandra Park, which offer a variety of recreational activities. Meanwhile, for the culture vultures, the Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre is a hub of creativity, hosting numerous performances and art workshops. The local high street and Crouch End offers shoppers a vibrant mix of unique boutiques and trendy high-street stores to explore. After a day of shopping, the Crouch End Picturehouse provides the ideal space to unwind with a film, complete with a café-bar for that perfect end of day treat.

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Transport in Hornsey

Find the nearest train stations and other transport links in Hornsey.

Local connections

National Rail
0.4 miles / 0.6 km
Alexandra Palace
National Rail
0.8 miles / 1.3 km
Turnpike Lane
0.8 miles / 1.3 km
Wood Green
0.9 miles / 1.4 km
National Rail
1 miles / 1.6 km
Crouch Hill
National Rail
1.1 miles / 1.8 km

Schools in Hornsey

Discover local primary schools, secondary schools and sixth form colleges in Hornsey.

Education in Hornsey

North London Rudolf Steiner School
Ages: 3 - 6 years old
Ofsted Rating: Good (2021)
Greig City Academy
Ages: 11 - 18 years old
Ofsted Rating: Good (2019)
Campsbourne Junior School
Ages: 7 - 11 years old
Ofsted Rating: Good (2023)
Campsbourne Infant School
Ages: 3 - 7 years old
Ofsted Rating: Good (2023)
St Mary's CofE Primary School
Ages: 3 - 11 years old
Ofsted Rating: Good (2022)
Rokesly Junior School
Ages: 7 - 11 years old
Ofsted Rating: Good (2019)

Local pubs in Hornsey

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  • Great Northern Railway Tavern

    London N8

    Built in 1897, The Great Northern Railway Tavern is a Grade II listed pub in Hornsey, where first-class craft comes as standard. Savour modern British pub food and a craft-inspired collection of drinks in a stylish, contemporary interior, accented by stun

  • Maynard Arms

    London N8

    The Maynard Arms is modern & comfortable pub in Crouch End. Real ales, great wines and delicious coffee as well as fresh gastro fare & awesome music!

  • Queens

    London N8

    Pub and Dining Room in the heart of Crouch End. Victorian architecture, modern feel. Come and visit our Secret Garden.

  • Priory

    London N8

    The Priory is a well run family pub, which has a nice selection of wines and beers.