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Thinking about moving to Ipswich? Discover why it's a great place to live, fun things to do here, what the local schools and transport connections are like - and of course the most important thing of all: how much houses cost to buy.

Your guide to moving to Ipswich

Why Ipswich is a good place to live

Ipswich is a charming town with an interesting contrast of old meets new. What makes it an attractive place to live is the cost of living, which is more affordable than in London and most surrounding areas. Living in Ipswich allows the indulgence of its rich cultural and architectural heritage, with over 650 listed buildings including medieval churches and modern designs like the Willis Building. Enjoy the exquisite waterfront area, which includes a mix of cafes, restaurants, luxury apartments, the Suffolk University building and The Salthouse boutique hotel. Lastly, getting around is never an issue in Ipswich. It has impressively smooth transport links such as an efficient rail service offering less than 1.5 hours commute time to London. It also hosts an effective local bus service and direct coach services to Heathrow and London Stansted Airport.

What's Ipswich famous for?

Ipswich is famous for its waterfront and marina which have lately become a hotspot for tourists. It's also recognised for its historic town square. But it's not just the buildings that Ipswich is known for - it's also famous for its people. Historical figures like Tudor Thomas Wolsey, the artist Thomas Gainsborough and Lord Nelson have ties to Ipswich. And in the modern day, celebrities such as Ed Sheeran and Richard Ayoade are proudly associated with this bustling town.

Things to do in Ipswich

Expanding your cultural horizons in Ipswich is as easy as visiting the town's museums and galleries which include the contingent Ipswich Museum and Christchurch Mansion. If you're looking for a bit of an adventure, head over to Baylham House Rare Breeds Farm or Hollow Trees Farm Shop. Sports enthusiasts will enjoy venues like Portman Road Football Stadium, home to Ipswich Town Football Club. Engaging entertainment experiences come alive in the New Wolsey Theatre and the Regent Theatre. And for those seeking peace and beauty, a simple stroll in Christchurch Park or along the waterfront should suffice.

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Transport in Ipswich

Find the nearest train stations and other transport links in Ipswich.

Local connections

National Rail
0.6 miles / 1.0 km
Derby Road (Ipswich)
National Rail
1.4 miles / 2.3 km
National Rail
1.7 miles / 2.7 km
National Rail
7.4 miles / 11.9 km
Needham Market
National Rail
7.7 miles / 12.4 km
National Rail
8.2 miles / 13.2 km

Schools in Ipswich

Discover local primary schools, secondary schools and sixth form colleges in Ipswich.

Education in Ipswich

St Matthew's Church of England Primary School, Ipswich
Ages: 4 - 11 years old
Ofsted Rating: Good (2023)
St Margaret's Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School, Ipswich
Ages: 4 - 11 years old
Ofsted Rating: Good (2018)
Ipswich School
St Helen's Primary School
Ages: 3 - 11 years old
Ofsted Rating: Good (2023)
Suffolk New College
Ages: 16 - 99 years old
Ofsted Rating: Good (2022)
Handford Hall Primary School
Ages: 3 - 11 years old
Ofsted Rating: Good (2023)

Local pubs in Ipswich

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