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Thinking about moving to Portsmouth? Discover why it's a great place to live, fun things to do here, what the local schools and transport connections are like - and of course the most important thing of all: how much houses cost to buy.

Your guide to moving to Portsmouth

Why Portsmouth is a good place to live

Portsmouth, affectionately known as 'Pompey', is a unique place to live with a charm of its own. As an island city, it never fails to offer beautiful coastal views and a rich maritime history. When living in Portsmouth, you'll be surrounded by world-renowned attractions and historic sites. From the strong sea-faring legacy manifested in the naval dockyards and museums to its vibrant cultural experiences including two cathedrals and charming local theatres like the Groundlings, it's a city that truly values its culture and history. Also, being on Portsea Island, Portsmouth has the added advantage of offering something exceedingly rare in the UK: a seaside city lifestyle.

What's Portsmouth famous for?

When it comes to fame, Portsmouth boasts a repertoire rich in history and culture. Portsmouth is famous for its Historic Dockyard, which represents 800 years of maritime history. It houses significant ships such as the HMS Victory, used by Admiral Nelson, and the Mary Rose from the Tudor era. Another notable feature of Portsmouth is the Southsea Castle. In the literary world, Portsmouth's claim to fame is the iconic writer Charles Dickens, who was born here. Adding contemporary structure to its historic skyline, the Spinnaker Tower is an emblem of the city's regeneration, offering breathtaking views from its observation decks.

Things to do in Portsmouth

There's no shortage of things to do in Portsmouth. Start your journey at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, where you can board the HMS Victory or discover the Mary Rose Museum. For traditional seaside fun, Southsea Seafront is the place to be with its array of amusement arcades and stunning sea views. Keep your palate excited with a variety of restaurants in Southsea offering everything from seafood to international cuisine. If you're fond of culture and learning, the Portsmouth Museum and the Arthur Conan Doyle collection are worth visiting. Enjoy spectacular panoramic views from the Spinnaker Tower at Gunwharf Quays or escape to the vast green space of Southsea Common for a leisurely walk or picnic. From festivals to sports events, there's always something happening in the vibrant island city.

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Transport in Portsmouth

Find the nearest train stations and other transport links in Portsmouth.

Local connections

Portsmouth & Southsea
National Rail
0.1 miles / 0.2 km
National Rail
0.8 miles / 1.3 km
Portsmouth Harbour
National Rail
0.8 miles / 1.3 km
Portsmouth Continental Ferry Terminal
Ferry Port
0.8 miles / 1.3 km
Portsmouth IOW Car Ferry Terminal
Ferry Port
0.8 miles / 1.3 km
Portsmouth Harbour Station Pier
Ferry Port
0.8 miles / 1.3 km

Schools in Portsmouth

Discover local primary schools, secondary schools and sixth form colleges in Portsmouth.

Education in Portsmouth

St Edmund's Catholic School
Ages: 11 - 16 years old
Ofsted Rating: Outstanding (2022)
Ark Charter Academy
Ages: 11 - 16 years old
Ofsted Rating: Requires improvement (2022)
St John's Cathedral Catholic Primary School
Ages: 3 - 11 years old
Ofsted Rating: Good (2022)
Arundel Court Primary Academy and Nursery
Ages: 3 - 11 years old
Ofsted Rating: Good (2021)
Ark Ayrton Primary Academy
Ages: 2 - 11 years old
Ofsted Rating: Good (2018)
Ark Dickens Primary Academy
Ages: 3 - 11 years old
Ofsted Rating: Good (2019)

Local pubs in Portsmouth

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