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Thinking about moving to Swanscombe? Discover why it's a great place to live, fun things to do here, what the local schools and transport connections are like - and of course the most important thing of all: how much houses cost to buy.

Your guide to moving to Swanscombe

Why Swanscombe is a good place to live

Swanscombe is a delightful gem in Kent, a picturesque town seeping with rich history. One of its main highlights is the seamless way it mingles historical charm with modern benefits. Swanscombe holds a strategic advantage with its excellent network of transport connections, linking it directly with vital urban hubs including Central London, Dartford, and Gravesend. What's more, it sits at a mere 30-minute drive from Essex. Living in Swanscombe also means having the acclaimed Bluewater Shopping Centre at your disposal, not to mention good schools and various parks that add to the overall appeal of this charming town.

What's Swanscombe famous for?

Swanscombe is famous for its impressive historical sites and archaeological accomplishments. In its heritage park, residents can explore finds from the Palaeolithic period, providing a rich journey into the area's distant past. Perhaps the most iconic is the uncovering of the earliest humans known to have lived in England. This turning point of prehistoric exploration took place at Swanscombe's Barnfield Pit, now part of the Swanscombe Heritage Park. Furthermore, the town was crucial during the Viking era and the Norman Conquest, with significant finds like an Anglo-Saxon mill and a Roman villa.

Things to do in Swanscombe

Living in Swanscombe provides access to an array of recreational activities. For history buffs, a visit to the iconic Swanscombe Heritage Park is a must where you can dig deep into ancient discoveries and appreciate the richness of the past. That's not all. For more contemporary enjoyment, why not spend a day at the Bluewater Shopping Centre, with its blend of shopping outlets, entertainment, and eateries. If you're more inclined to outdoor activities, there are ample opportunities for bird-watching, nature walks, and exploring the beautiful landscapes of the Swanscombe landscape. A visit to Swanscombe offers a captivating blend of past, present, and natural beauty.

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Transport in Swanscombe

Find the nearest train stations and other transport links in Swanscombe.

Local connections

National Rail
0.4 miles / 0.6 km
Ebbsfleet International
National Rail
0.6 miles / 1.0 km
National Rail
0.8 miles / 1.3 km
Greenhithe for Bluewater
National Rail
1.3 miles / 2.1 km
Stone Crossing
National Rail
1.9 miles / 3.1 km
National Rail
2.3 miles / 3.7 km

Schools in Swanscombe

Discover local primary schools, secondary schools and sixth form colleges in Swanscombe.

Education in Swanscombe

Manor Community Primary School
Ages: 3 - 11 years old
Ofsted Rating: Good (2018)
The Craylands School
Ages: 4 - 11 years old
Ofsted Rating: Good (2019)
Ebbsfleet Academy
Ages: 11 - 18 years old
Ofsted Rating: Good (2019)
Cherry Orchard Primary Academy
Ages: 2 - 11 years old
Ofsted Rating: Outstanding (2021)
Ebbsfleet Green Primary School
Ages: 3 - 11 years old
Ofsted Rating: Good (2023)
Knockhall Primary School
Ages: 3 - 11 years old
Ofsted Rating: Requires improvement (2023)

Local pubs in Swanscombe

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