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Average price paid £452,659 Sales 251 Current average value £495,332 Zoopla estimate Value change £14,170 ▲ 2.94%

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Street/Postcode Avg. price paid Zoopla estimate
Abbotts Lane, Widford, Ware, SG12 £1,301,000
Abbotts Rise, Stanstead Abbotts, Ware, SG12 £1,046,000
Abbotts Way, Stanstead Abbotts, Ware, SG12 £385,000 £387,000
Acorn Street, Hunsdon, Ware, SG12 £1,096,000
Acreman Street, Little Hadham, Ware, SG11 £743,000
Albany Mews, Ware, SG12 £325,000
Albury, Ware, SG11 £631,000
Albury End, Albury, Ware, SG11 £995,000
Albury Hall Park, Albury, Ware, SG11 £665,000
Albury Lodge Estate, Albury, Ware, SG11 £1,184,000
Albury Road, Little Hadham, Ware, SG11 £672,000
Aldwyke Rise, Ware, SG12 £451,000
Amberley Green, Ware, SG12 £677,000
Amiens Close, Hunsdon, Ware, SG12
Amwell End, Ware, SG12 £440,000
Amwell Hill, Great Amwell, Ware, SG12 £620,000 £884,000
Amwell Lane, Great Amwell, Ware, SG12
Amwell Lane, Stanstead Abbotts, Ware, SG12 £513,000
Anchor Lane, Wadesmill, Ware, SG12 £719,000
Appleton Avenue, Wareside, Ware, SG12
Arthur Martin-Leake Way, High Cross, Ware, SG11 £654,000
Ascot Terrace, Great Amwell, Ware, SG12 £286,000
Ash Road, Ware, SG12 £465,000
Ashcroft Lane, Little Hadham, Ware, SG11
Ashleigh Park, Ware, SG11
Aston Road, Standon, Ware, SG11 £381,000
Bakers End, Wareside, Ware, SG12 £835,000
Baldock Street, Ware, SG12 £372,000
Barley Ponds Close, Ware, SG12 £399,000
Barley Ponds Road, Ware, SG12 £375,000 £472,000
Barleycroft, Tonwell, Ware, SG12 £466,000
Barwick, High Cross, Ware, SG11 £746,000
Barwick, Ware, SG11 £1,201,000
Barwick Road, Standon, Ware, SG11 £861,000
Batchelors, Puckeridge, Ware, SG11 £342,500 £387,000
Baud Close, Hadham Hall, Little Hadham, Ware, SG11 £1,172,000
Beacon Road, Ware, SG12 £544,000
Beazley Close, Ware, SG12
Beech Close, Ware, SG12 £1,095,000
Beechfield Road, Ware, SG12 £490,000
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