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Why buying a brand new home means more help - and less stress!

Moving home is likely to be a much less stressful affair if you're buying a brand new home. Today's house builders do everything they can to take the strain - and that's one of the key reasons people choose to buy new.

With less of the dreaded housebuying 'chain' to worry about, and trained staff to help you through every step of your move, the whole process of buying new is generally a much more pleasurable and simple experience.

Regardless of the economic climate, one of the main worries for people buying another property is that someone further down the chain will pull out, leaving them frustrated and out of pocket by something completely out of their control.

But with a new build home, once you have your mortgage in place there is just the house builder and their trained staff to deal with.

Currently, there are thousands of show homes across the country, each manned by trained staff who can take potential customers through a purchase and advice on mortgage deals and legal requirements as well as the range of homes they have to offer. And with house builders' customer satisfaction levels at an all time high, it's clear that buyers greatly value this support and expertise.

Fully-furnished show complexes - often including as many as five different styles of home - allow prospective purchasers to browse at their leisure and understand what their new home will look like. Most developers also allow a certain amount of choice of fixtures, fittings and decor if buyers sign up early enough in the construction process. And as show homes are usually decorated by professional interior designers, they offer real lifestyle inspiration to visitors.

David Pretty, chairman of the New Homes Marketing Board - which is running New Homes Month throughout September - said today: "Moving is stressful for anyone, but buying a brand new home tends to involve significantly less hassle with much less likelihood of a person's dreams being shattered by a collapse further up the chain.

"There are also thousands of house builders show homes up and down the county manned by trained, experienced sales staff who will assist potential buyers through every stage of the process. It's a lot easier than navigating the second-hand market, with all its pitfalls."

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