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Why homebuyers choose new over second-hand

At least ten reasons crop up regularly in buyer questionnaires, most highlighting the central fact that new homebuilders generally offer a range of benefits that the second-hand market cannot hope to match.

New Homes Marketing Board Chairman David Pretty said: "The help that homebuilders can often give with deposits or Stamp Duty, with discounts, part exchange and a whole raft of other benefits - very often, these are what make the difference between people being able to buy and not being able to buy, especially in these difficult economic times."

Buyers also welcome the fact that new homes are vastly more energy-efficient and therefore much cheaper to run than second-hand homes. A YouGov survey conducted for the New Homes Marketing Board (NHMB) in 2009 found that the 'green' factor has rocketed up the agenda for would-be homebuyers and is now among their top three most important considerations when looking for a new property.

"People increasingly understand that new homes are built to the latest environmental standards" said David Pretty. "In fact, the National Energy Service has recently confirmed that new homes are already 60 per cent more efficient than older ones, and are improving all the time as we move towards zero-carbon over the next decade"

"New homes are 'green' homes - in the drive for energy efficiency and low-carbon standards, new homes lead the way and are certainly the greenest that you can go out and buy from the open property market."

He added: "What's more, the economic downturn has brought new home prices in line with the second-hand market, so there is not even a 'brand new' premium any more - despite the fact that new homes are packed with lots more extra features than most older properties. Buying new is even better value now."

So what exactly do buyers prefer about buying new? The most common reasons given by customers are:

  • A bright, fresh, untouched new home
  • The price is right - most homebuilders price their homes to sell, especially is competitive times, and will often negotiate
  • Energy efficiency - new homes are built to the latest environmental standards and are much cheaper to run
  • Much less stress and shorter buying chain
  • Wide range of valuable help, including assistance with deposits, moving costs and furnishings
  • Fully-fitted, up-to-date kitchens and bathrooms, plus a choice of certain finishes and coverings, including tiling, flooring etc
  • Opportunities to view typical showhome examples in advance
  • Customer service - friendly professional staff who help every step of the way
  • 10-year Warranty for peace of mind

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