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9 common problems interior designers solve

From creating space for a growing family to harmonising opposing styles. How designers solve a total range of design dramas.

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Ever get the feeling that your home's vibe is a bit off? Well, it could be dropping hints that it's time for a fresh pair of eyes.

Whether you’re fighting for space or can’t seem to agree on any design choices with your partner, we’ve decoded all of the oh-so-common problems to help you fall back in love with your home.

Some areas in your home don’t get used

Does it ever feel like some rooms get taken for granted? 

For instance, do you often end up working at the dining table instead of your designated home office? 

If you find yourself avoiding certain areas in your home, there's likely a reason behind it.

To try and get to the bottom of the problem for our clients, we start by suggesting decluttering and shaking up the layout.

Maybe that home office requires a comfier chair or better lighting to keep you focussed throughout the working day?

If functionality isn’t the problem, then it’s likely the decor. Beautiful spaces are much more likely to keep you motivated!

It may be time to look at some paint swatches, nailing a few extra shelves into the wall and scattering some artwork and house plants about.

Our designers can pinpoint the problem and transform your space into one you'll love to use.

Your family is growing, but your home isn't keeping up

A lot of our clients come to us when they’re expecting a new addition but lack space.

With growing families come more belongings, prompting a need to rethink layouts and storage solutions. 

To make more room in your home, we start by looking for clever ways to add storage, such as using vertical space and incorporating wall mounted shelves.

Multifunctional furniture will also be your best friend - for these clients we will typically source pieces that can be used in at least two different ways. For instance, toy boxes which double up as benches or baby change stations which have shelves beneath.

Our Interior Designers work magic, creating space where there was none. If changing circumstances have you concerned about space, it might be time to bring in the experts!

Your dream home exists only as a vision

Is your phone overflowing with Pinterest boards and screenshots galore?

We all know the pain of having so many ideas but struggling to turn them into one tangible design.

If you’re flooded with so many ideas, it may be time to step away from Pinterest and Instagram!

At My Bespoke Room, our designers can look at a selection of inspirational images from a client and pull out common themes to translate into their dream design. 

For example, what colours keep reappearing and which styles do they lean towards? It’s totally normal to love different or contrasting styles. A professional can bring the two together for a truly unique design.

It’s important to stay away from trends too as they come and go. Try to really be honest with yourself whether you will love it for many years to come.

So, say goodbye to endless scrolling; let us bring your dream home to life!

You and your partner can’t agree

Struggling to find common ground with your partner on decor choices? 

Don't worry, you're not alone! We get it - everyone has their own unique tastes and as designers, we tend to double up as couple counsellors too!

If you want to find a compromise, we have a little homework for you: both of you should go away separately and pull together inspirational images.

Then, come together and choose pictures that you like from each other’s collection and bring them onto one mood board.

You can now see the styles together that you both like and try to see what can work together and hopefully realise that your contrasting styles might actually complement each other!

Whether you lean towards modern chic or rustic charm, an experienced designer will blend your visions seamlessly into one stunning space.

Home improvements fall to the bottom of your to-do list

We all lead such busy lives nowadays and often our redecorating tasks get pushed back.

If you’re often tight on time, you may want to think about having a plan in place. Be your own project manager by setting aside a few hours each weekend and break down your project into stages.

With a clear design direction already in mind, pulling the room together should be a breeze.

When you hire an Interior Designer, you allow them to do all the heavy lifting, leaving you to collaborate on all the fun parts! 

Plus, at the project's end, you'll receive expert layouts, mood boards, and shopping lists - making your final room transformation a breeze.

You’re always fighting clutter

Are you tired of endless tidying, only to see clutter return? 

If this is the case, it’s likely your space requires more storage and your room layout could be optimised further.

Take some time out to decide if you need everything in that room and then decide on the official spot for all of these remaining items.

If you don’t have enough storage space, think about getting multifunctional furniture or wall-mounted shelves - both of which take up limited space.

With everything in its place, you'll enjoy a clutter-free, serene home that's perfect for unwinding.

You fear expensive mistakes

There is nothing worse than the fear of investing in new kitchen counters, and not being sure if it's really going to work.

We understand that there is nothing more disheartening than investing in furnishings that don't quite mesh with your vision and then wasting money buying new ones later. 

To avoid making mistakes, you can take the measurements of your new furniture and mark it out in your room with masking tape or boxes. This way you can see if it’s too big or too small for your space.

Then make sure your new piece has at least one matching element with your decor: Does it match a colour, pattern, texture or material already in the room?

If you’re going all out and buying a bunch of new furniture, gather pictures of it all and pull them together onto one page, giving you a better idea of if they will look cohesive.

Hiring an interior designer removes the fear of costly errors. We tailor every piece to your style, space, and need - ensuring precise measurements, complementary colours, materials, and style for a seamless fit.

A home extension is overwhelming you

Thinking of extending your home? It can be well worth doing but also a long and stressful journey! 

Space planning is key for large projects like extensions, ensuring you maximise your new area. 

If you’re worried about how the final space will work, try going back to the basics.

Look at your floor plans, consider the actual size of your furniture and sketch the pieces out in the space properly, experimenting with different layouts.

This can give you a better understanding of how the extension will be used and if it will actually function once complete.

Designers excel at blending the original part of your home with the new to create a seamless flow and will craft layouts that make the most of your newfound space. 

Plus, during the chaos of construction, they'll help you stay ahead, answering questions and planning for your future home needs.

Your space never feels complete

Tired of those half-finished rooms? Whether you ran out of steam or struggled with those final flourishes, worry not!

To solve the problem, try taking pictures of your room to understand what doesn’t match and where the empty spots are.

Now start looking for items that will match through either colour, texture, pattern or material - bonus points if the décor is functional too!

We always say there is nothing that some layered cushions and throws, houseplants or artwork can’t do!

Our designers can both save you time and money by considering every detail from the big sofa purchase to the perfect pillows and stylish ornaments.

Gone will be the days of sitting in your space, feeling like it's lacking that special something.

Our Interior Designers are ready to get matched with you and put aside all of your design dramas! Get in touch with a member of our friendly team today to discuss your project.

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