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Creating colour cohesion across your home 

Ready to revamp your entire home? You'll want common threads running through it to really max up the wow factor. Here's how to harmonise colour schemes across all of the rooms.

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Achieving colour harmony throughout your entire home is a game changer that elevates ordinary spaces to designer-level status.

At My Bespoke Room, we are the pros when it comes to turning homes into wow-worthy spaces. Here, our Interior Designers reveal their best tips for creating a beautifully consistent look that you can steal.

Now we’re not talking about painting every room the same shade. This is more about subtly creating a cohesive palette.

And it's about making your home look cleverly curated, leaving guests wondering if you’ve been studying interior design on the sly.

Choosing a colour palette

Even though we say to not paint your whole home just one colour, our Interior Designers do suggest choosing a common thread that will be used throughout your rooms.

Think of it like building a family of colours - whether you're into warm neutrals, calming pastels, or sleek monochromes.

Picture this: one room's rocking ivory, the next is all about sage, and another's draped in taupe, but they're all cosy members of the same warm neutral scheme.

It’s all about choosing paint colours that have similar undertones -  such as warm hues (like yellow, orange or red), or cool (like blues and greens).

You can tie in all the colours from your palette into different rooms with the use of accent walls or décor pieces, but we’ll have more on that later.

Creating a flow between rooms

Our Interior Designers are all about creating a flow between your spaces that seems almost effortless.

Think of your home like a colourful journey - as you stroll from room to room, you want everything to vibe together.

You can maintain consistency through accent colours or hardware - it’s a subtle way to make your home look perfectly designed. 

So, if your kitchen is adorned with gold handles, why not make sure your bathroom does the same too? Continue this style with golden lamps in the living room and a gold-framed mirror in the bedroom.

Tying in a common thread

Our best Interior Design tip for making your home look cohesive is making sure the key colour of your space is featured somewhere in every single room.

For example, if dusky pink is going to be your feature colour, make sure it struts its stuff in every space. 

You may have a few rooms that are fully painted in this shade, whereas some rooms may only have a dusky pink feature wall.

Plus, you don’t just have to stick to paint - if you decide to have a neutral room or perhaps a bold blue room,  that’s okay as long as the dusky pink shade is included in your décor.

Tie in your feature shade with the use of soft furnishings such as rugs, pillows, throws, or even blinds and curtains.

You can also focus on the finishing touches and spotlight that dusky pink in plant pots, candles, paintings or any other item you choose to display.

Don’t forget about flooring!

It’s not all about the walls, and your flooring can have a great impact on whether your home looks cohesive or not.

A great way to create a flow from room to room is just to use the same flooring throughout.

Whether it’s plywood or beige carpets, as long as it’s the same on each floor, your home will look effortlessly put together.

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