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How to choose a bedroom colour scheme

Looking for a fresh colour scheme for your bedroom? Whether you're looking for fresh, bright and light or calm, warm and cosy, Interior Designers reveal how it's done.

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Did you know that the majority of us spend around a third of our lives in the bedroom?  That's a significant chunk of time dedicated to just one space!

With so much of our lives unfolding within those four walls, it's absolutely essential that we adore every inch of it.

But if you’re feeling a little stuck on what colours can bring your bedroom design to life, fear not, as our Interior Designers have all the best tips to get you started.

We’ve gathered some of our past projects to help inspire you - from light and bright to bold and moody, we have something for everyone.

What are the best colours for bedrooms?

When it comes to paint, it’s never a one size fits all scenario. The ideal bedroom colour is as unique as you are, tailored to your individual style.

If you need a little inspo, think about how you want to feel. Then you can go one of two ways: choosing calming colours to help you sleep or energising shades for some morning motivation.

Calming bedroom colour schemes could include warm neutrals, soft blues, gentle greens or blush pinks.

Whereas energising shades could be, pastel yellows, fresh greens or bolder blues. 

All in all, the best shade will always be the one that suits your style and personality. This is, after all, your space, so be sure to flood it with your own flair!

Our designer's favourite colours

We asked some of our designers to talk through their favourite colours for bedroom designs. Here’s what they said:

Blush pink or green

Head of Design, Lucy: 'I love a warm, soft, blush pink for a restful bedroom space. Pink is a nurturing colour and as long as you avoid bright or sugary pink tones - you’re set.

'If you want a bolder and darker room, green is a great option as it's restful and creates a calm space.

'Warm metals like brass look great against a dark green background and to add further pops of colour, blush works well or even a rich rust shade.'


Interior Designer, Olivia: 'My favourite colour for bedrooms is deep teal as it’s the perfect combination of green and blue (which are two of the best colours for a great night's sleep). It's also incredibly versatile and sits well with most colours. 

'There are so many ways you can style teal - for a feminine vibe pair with brass accents, moody pink shades and floral patterns or for a more eclectic feel, match with ochre, rust, emerald and vibrant patterns. The options are endless!'


Interior Designer, Milena: 'Neutral shades are so gentle, warm and soothing, plus they’re perfect for layering lots of different textures.

'Wood tones look fantastic with this scheme and any accent colour can be introduced - I love adding black touches with lighting, accessories and detailing to create interest.'

Light bedroom colour schemes

Timeless pink and blue combos

These elegant colours are the epitome of calm and always pair well together.

In the design above, we kept most of the walls a neutral, off-white shade and then went bold with a blue feature wall.

Tying the whole room together, we added blue and pink accents with the ottoman, artwork and soft furnishings.

Blue is renowned for creating feelings of positivity and peace, with its connotations being of bright skies and calming seas.

Another twist on this scheme is going all out on the walls - the pink wall shade above projects a warm and nurturing feel, which is bound to help you wind down after a long day.

The bold blue headboard helps to create a focal point in this soft pink space and is paired perfectly with the rest of the bedding and artwork above.

Pairing with light and bright whites

A great go-to is to paint your walls a fresh white shade and introduce colour purely through your furniture and finishing touches.

Try to aim for a slightly off-white shade, with warm undertones, to still give a relaxing feel and make your bedroom feel like a warm embracing hug.

Our designers absolutely love a colourful headboard to make your bedroom a little more exciting and develop a great point of interest.

The sunny yellow creates a fresh and modern look, which is bound to leave you smiling every morning.

Combined with the darker side tables and abstract, botanical prints, this bedroom looks beautifully dynamic.

Less is sometimes more and this grey and white scheme is a perfect example of that.

In this bedroom design, we kept the colours simple but then went all out with patterns and textures.

The painted arch over the headboard is a super innovative hack to create a stunning and colourful focal point and is also a great way to add character into a small room.

Going for a simple scheme also means you can easily change up the room as much as you please by switching out your soft furnishings and artwork - meaning you can go for cosy and warm shades in the winter and fresh and vibrant colours in summer, a win-win!

Pink has made its way in again, and it’s no shock as our designers literally describe it as ‘the colour of cuddles’!

Though pink and blue are featured in this bedroom, the white bedding, furniture and ceiling are the stars of the show making the space beam with life.

You will always hear us say tidy space, tidy mind - and this crisp white look is a great way to start and end the day with a clear and refreshed head.

Calming greens

Green has become such a well loved colour for all rooms in our homes.

It’s being used more and more in our bedrooms due to its calming effect which is known to reduce stress and anxiety.

Plus, its connection to nature brings the tranquillity of a spring day into your home, helping you to wake up feeling refreshed and energised. 

A softer green shade is such a balanced colour, neither too stimulating nor too dull, which will bring a harmonious effect to your bedroom and pair perfectly with the rest of your décor.

Darker bedroom colour schemes

Bold and moody blues

Although dark colours have often been thought to be a bedroom no-no, we say that they are actually the ideal shade for creating a cosy atmosphere.

The bold blue shade is well loved in many of our designs and has been paired here with a vibrant yellow to balance out the room.

This is another timeless pairing that never goes out of style, blue and yellow always go hand in hand to create a dynamic and interesting space.

As you can see, pink and blue are a bedroom colour scheme favourite!

But this moody blue is a slight twist on the classic, which helps bring a lot more warmth to the room.

From deep navy to vibrant royal blue, this colour offers a wide range of shades to suit different preferences and design styles.

This shade works especially well in larger bedrooms as it can draw the room in, making the space feel more intimate and like a warm hug at the end of each day.

If you’re a little worried about committing to the full look, a feature wall can be a great way to tie in the colour.

In this bedroom, the dark blue feature wall draws your eyes into the bed, helping to create a point of interest.

In larger bedrooms, feature walls can help you break up the space, helping you to create zones for different functions. Such as where you sleep and where you get dressed and ready for the day. 

The magic of monochrome

A monochrome scheme is simply so adaptable and will outlive any colour trend.

The greige wall and accents of black and white allowed the designer on this project to get playful with pattern and texture.

From the botanical curtains to the abstract throw and rug, the simplicity of the scheme allowed us to go all out with the décor.

Black and white colours have the added bonus of visually expanding the space, making the bedroom feel spacious and airy.

With a monochromatic scheme, you have the security that all of the furnishings will work flawlessly together.

Dusky pink and black

If you’re in love with the calming pink effect but want a more masculine edge, then this scheme could be for you.

The grey undertones of the dusky pink shade has a very chic feel while remaining relaxing.

Due to these undertones, it pairs effortlessly with the black accents, which help to create a cohesive look through the space.

As Interior Designers, we often take inspiration from artwork, so we love how the pink and black shades have been pulled from the abstract art above, developing a purely curated and sophisticated design.

Deep and dark green

At My Bespoke Room, we’re always getting creative with how we add colour into our bedrooms, and this half painted wall is one of our favourites.

In a small room like this one, the deep green colour embraces the cosiness while making a dramatic contrast against the rest of the white space.

This moody shade brings the outdoors in, creating a positive and airy feel while also oozing tranquillity.

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