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Looking to remortgage? You can now do that with Zoopla

Zoopla has joined forces with online brokers Mojo Mortgages to help you find a great remortgage deal for your home. We speak to Mojo's Co-founder and CEO Rich Hayes to find out more.

Words by: Nic Hopkirk

Senior Editor

Mojo Mortgages is a free online whole-of-market mortgage broker with access to over 10,000 mortgage deals. And it’s earning some pretty decent reviews on Trustpilot.

Zoopla and Mojo have recently joined forces to provide a fully rounded experience for anyone who owns a property. 

So you can now find out the value of your home - and arrange a remortgage deal for it - through Zoopla and Mojo in one place.

Mojo is known for using cutting-edge tech and in-house expertise to make the process of getting a mortgage feel easy.

Their advisors will compare thousands of deals and steer you through the entire mortgage application until your mortgage is in place.

We speak with Co-founder and CEO of Mojo, Rich Hayes, to get the latest.

Zoopla & Mojo: what’s the deal? 

'It's an obvious partnership: the place you go to buy a home and check on its value has now become the place where you can also manage your mortgage for it - and both of those things are so important for homeowners.

'Zoopla’s My Home experience is extremely useful in helping you to track your home’s value.

'Knowing the equity you have in your wealth – particularly when there’s so much fluctuation and volatility in the housing market and wider economy at the moment - is so important.

'And what's great about My Home is that it shows the same valuation that mortgage lenders will use. 

'That equity - and the subsequent loan–to–value calculation of your mortgage - is key in determining how much money you’ll need to spend on your mortgage each month.

'This partnership ties all of these things together, giving people a consistent and regular view of their equity and the mortgage options associated with it.'

So how does the process of getting a mortgage with Mojo work?

'Mojo aims to bring together the ease of an online experience with human expertise.

'Unlike some other fintech-innovated sectors, human interaction and guidance remains a core part of the mortgage process. 

'Mojo has won multiple awards for its digital breakthroughs and continues to do great things in the recommendation, paperwork and rate reduction spaces.

'But it’s our 50 CeMAP qualified  (that’s Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice) brokers who save people thousands of pounds every day. And they will always be central to what we do.

'Our job is to help our customers find the most suitable lender for them and lead them through the whole remortgaging experience. 

'Mortgages can be stressful due to the sheer amount of financial commitment at stake. So at Mojo, we want to leave our customers feeling absolutely assured they’ve made the right decision for them and their families.'

Save money with Mojo

Allow Mojo's remortgage experts to find a great deal for you. 95% of Mojo applicants find their mortgage joy with a successful application.

What lenders does Mojo work with?

'Nearly all of them! I think currently there are currently around 10,000 deals available to Mojo's brokers. 

'In our bid to make everyone feel more confident about their options, it's pretty important that we can offer an impartial and comprehensive array of lenders and products.

'Our close relationship with all of the lenders increases the options available to our customers - and proves highly useful at various junctures in the application process.' 

Does Mojo have access to mortgage deals that other lenders might not?

'As a whole of market broker, we'd always recommend people to at least check what's available to them from other lenders before embarking on any new mortgage deal.

'But of course, we also have access to some broker-exclusive deals with various lenders too.

So does Mojo do the whole mortgage application for you?

'Absolutely. There are 4 main pillars of the Mojo mortgage experience: 

  1. The digital, online fact find

  2. The broker chat, recommendation and application

  3. The case management – our dedicated teams who help customers deal with any extra requests from lenders and solicitors 

  4. The mortgage protection review. More often than not, we find most people really value a thorough assessment of their existing insurance policies alongside any new mortgage deal.

'The application itself we handle. The broker will showcase all the options available to our customers, including those from their existing lender. 

'We’ll answer any questions about the fixed term, fees or anything else, and once our customer is happy to proceed, we'll get it packaged up for the lender. 

'After that, the case management team will keep everyone up to date on the application’s progress.'

What can Mojo offer that sets it apart from other brokers?

'The main underlying thing is to drive the whole industry forward. And that means taking responsibility for the whole experience. 

'Whether that’s developing better online tools to alleviate research frustrations or hiring insurance experts to ensure you and your loved ones know your mortgage will be taken care of, we’re on it.

'And when you take this approach, special stuff starts to happen: we see that in the average amount of money we save people. 

'And those savings can be substantial, especially if you’re remortgaging from a lender’s standard variable rate.

'We also offer digital recommendations for better clarity, as well as one-click acceptance.'

You’ve got some pretty impressive Trustpilot reviews, what's Mojo doing right?

'Listening to people. 

'We speak to nearly 1500 mortgage customers every single week. 

'We have a product team focusing on customer experience. 

'And we listen to what people want from their mortgage experience. 

'Doing a right thing is easy. But we prioritise the most important right thing to do.' 

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