The top 5 features people want in a new-build home

The top 5 features people want in a new-build home

By Ellie Isaac

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New-builds are hugely popular, but what is it that's attracting buyers in 2022? Here's what people are looking for in a new home and why they're choosing a new-build to find it.

New-builds offer great benefits. The 10-year warranty, eco-friendly credentials and chance to customise it are a few key advantages of buying a new-build.

But what features of new-build homes themselves are attracting buyers?

Here are the 5 main things we found people want from their next home – and why they might be switching to a new-build to find it.

1. A small city or suburban location

A digital render of two semi-detached red-brick houses, with a shared front lawn and a car on one driveway
Image: 2 bed new-build home for sale in Coalville for £217,950

The location of new home developments is a key reason more people are considering new-builds.

Our survey clearly showed that all types of buyers are keen to relocate to smaller cities and suburbs. 

There’s also demand for rural homes in places like the South East, South West and Scotland.

New-build developments are often located in suburbs and small towns, which could be contributing to their appeal among buyers.

While the movement away from cities is seen across buyer groups, their reasons differ.

Younger pre-family households might want to live in the city, but affordability is a key concern. The suburban location of many new-builds can make them more affordable.

On the other hand, families are prioritising space and older households are looking for a lifestyle change. New-builds in suburban and rural areas can help meet these preferences.

Pictured: 2 bed new-build home for sale in Coalville for £217,950.

2. A garage

Digital render of two semi-detached houses joined by two single garages
Image: 3 bed new-build house for sale in Hertfordshire for £650,000

Car parking is an important feature for all buyers in 2022, with 94% wanting some form of parking.

But new-build buyers prefer a garage to a driveway. 41% said they want a garage or double garage, compared to 31% who want a drive.

The versatility of a garage might be appealing to new-build buyers, as repurposing for home working or leisure picked up during the pandemic.

New-build developments generally offer readily available and safe on-street parking too. So new-build buyers may be happy to leave the car on the road and benefit from the adaptability of a garage.

Pictured: 3 bed new-build home for sale in Preston, Hertfordshire for £650,000.

3. More outdoor space

A large lawned garden in front of a terraced new-build home in a barn conversion style, with a covered driveway, french doors, wooden wall feature and red tiled roof
Image: 4 bed new-build house for sale in Wantage for £479,995

Since the pandemic, outdoor space has become even more important to buyers.

Nearly half of all our survey respondents said they wanted a large garden. A quarter wanted a small garden, and another 13% wanted a balcony.

This matches our search data too.  ‘Garden’ and ‘garage’ have been the top 2 keyword searches on our website for the last 3 years.

New-build homes can be a great option to gain outdoor space. Homes are often cleverly oriented and spaced to make the most of the sun.

If you buy off-plan, you might be able to decide what your garden looks like too - whether you prefer a lawn, patio or planted areas.

Pictured: 4 bed new-build home for sale in Wantage for £479,995.

4. A detached or semi-detached home

A digital render of a detached new-build home, with a brick and paint exterior, red tiled roof and brown garden fences on either side
Image: 3 bed new-build home for sale in Fareham for £424,995

The desire for space is reflected in the type of property people are looking for.

More than half of the people we surveyed had bought or wanted to buy a detached or semi-detached house.

People see new-builds in particular as an opportunity to live in a detached home. 29% of new-builds buyers had bought or were about to buy a detached property.

This was followed by semi-detached (27%), flats (17%), bungalows (12%) and terraced houses (11%).

The eco-friendly credentials of new-builds might be a reason people are more keen for a detached new home.

They tend to be better more energy efficient and better insulated. This makes it cheaper to heat a detached new-build than a detached older home.

Read more about the green credentials of new-build homes.

Pictured: 3 bed new-build home for sale in Fareham for £424,495.

5. 4+ bedrooms

A corner of a stylish grey-toned bedroom, with a plush double bed with tall headboard, small window with grey blinds, and bedside tables with white lamps
Image: 3 bed new-build home for sale in Shefford for £439,995

The search for space continues into the number of bedrooms buyers want.

And while more than 80% of all buyers want 3+ bedrooms, people buying a new-build home see it as a chance to have more.

28% of new-build buyers wanted 4+ bedrooms, compared to 20% of buyers of older homes.

Again, we’re seeing a preference for space that can be used in multiple ways - as bedrooms, home offices, storage or recreation rooms.

Pictured: 3 bed new-build home for sale in Shefford for £439,995.

Thinking of buying a new-build?

If you’re looking for a quieter location or more space, a new-build could be the way to go.

Search for new-build homes.

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